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Ryan's unsuccessful sales pitch to pacify his investors after they find out that Ryan only has nine days of funding left before his venture collapses

Wuphf.com is a fictional website and social tool developed by Ryan Howard, but allegedly stolen from his then girlfriend Kelly Kapoor. It is first seen in "Whistleblower", and is referenced numerous times after that.


The WUPHF.com logo

Wuphf was designed to be a revolutionary communication tool. The idea was initially pitched by Kelly Kapoor, though Ryan took over the project without Kelly's consent. When the site was first released, it seemed that only Kelly and Ryan were using it. Instead of getting a text or call, or message, the service purportedly sends a message to friends on all their channels, Facebook, chat, SMS and Twitter. It even prints out a 'wuphf' (pronounced "woof," the sitcom's version of a 'tweet') on the nearest printer. Overall, the idea did not spread as much as Ryan had anticipated. Ryan announces his site to everyone in the office, hoping to receive some investors or positive feedback, and Kelly angrily tells the office that stole the idea from her. Throughout the lifespan of the company, Ryan tries to get investors from around the workplace such as Jim, Stanley, and Michael, before ultimately selling the company after Michael pulls his investment.


  • According to Ryan in a deleted scene, WUPHF.com used to be a prototype. When the beta was launched in August 2010, the response had been incredible.
  • WUPHF itself is pronounced "woof".


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