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"Vandalism" is the fourteenth episode of the ninth season of the American television comedy series "The Office" and is the show's 190th episode overall. It was written by Owen Ellickson and directed by Lee Kirk. It aired on January 31, 2013. It was viewed by 3.97 million people.

When Pam asks the office to help her track down the vandal who defaced her mural, Dwight and Nellie spring to action. Darryl has difficulty dealing with the cleanliness habits of Jim in their shared Philly apartment. Meanwhile, Angela grudgingly allows Oscar and Kevin to attend her son's first birthday party.


Someone vandalizes Pam Halpert's warehouse mural by drawing lewd pictures on it. Distraught, she seeks the help of Dwight Schrute and Nellie Bertram, who both eagerly help her track down the vandal. The three eventually find out that the criminal was a warehouse worker named Frank. Pam and Dwight take revenge by painting childish pictures on his beloved truck with washable paint. However, Frank over-reacts and begins to show signs that he is going to physically assault Pam. Brian, the documentary crew's boom mic operator, breaks protocol and intervenes by hitting the warehouse employee across the face with his mic. In the end, the audience learns that both Frank and Brian have been fired from Dunder Mifflin and the documentary, respectively. As Brian leaves, he tells Pam that he will always be there for her if she needs someone.

Meanwhile, in their Philadelphia apartment, Darryl Philbin is uncomfortable with Jim Halpert's lack of cleanliness. After Jim accidentally uses Darryl's labeled coffee mug, the two begin bickering; both feel that the other is being unreasonable. Eventually, Jim decides to try and make an effort to keep the apartment clean, and Darryl tries not to be so retentive about the cleanliness of his things.

Angela Lipton and Sen. Robert Lipton celebrate their son Phillip's first birthday. Angela is shocked to learn that Robert invited Oscar Martinez to the party, even though she told Robert she didn't want him there. Angela then invites Kevin Malone, both in retaliation and to keep him from being alone with the office's accounts. Oscar, who believes he is invited because he thinks Robert is in love with him, soon realizes that he was only invited to boost Robert's opinion in the polls among Latino voters. After the party, however, Kevin thanks Angela and Robert for the food, but tells Robert that he is a terrible person for using his friends to gain political support.

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Amusing details/Trivia

  • The Meredith Palmer "Get Glue" sticker was released alongside this episode.
  • This is the first time we get to see the inside of the storage room, during the scene between Pam and Brian. Characters have been inside this room before, but never filmed. We learn that it's been a locker room for the camera crew.
  • When Pam is talking to Nate in the warehouse office, the speaker phone appears to be turned on.


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