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Val Johnson is hired as the warehouse foreman after the old warehouse staff quits. She is the former love interest of Glenn and Brandon.


Val is hired to work as the warehouse foreman after the old staff quits after winning the lottery. Darryl and Gabe awkwardly try to flirt with her for most of the season in a similar way that Andy did with Erin. At first, Val has a boyfriend named Brandon who owns his own restaurant. Darryl and Val finally get together after Val breaks up with her boyfriend.

Darryl feels that the relationship has grown stale and decides to end it by planting the idea of breaking up in her head and putting on weight. When Kevin, Phyllis and Nellie discover that Val dumped Darryl, they blindside her and start praising Darryl. Val then gets back with Darryl, much to his chagrin.

She later appears at Dwight and Angela's wedding reception and is seen with Darryl in "Finale".

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