Throughout The Office, corporate has had a large part in the series. An especially important part is the position of Vice President of Northeastern Sales', also known as Director of Sales. The position changes frequently throughout the show.


The employees of the that job include Jan Levinson, a first strict, strong boss who falls for Michael and becomes crazy, fired for wasting time and dating Michael, Ryan Howard, an unorthodox, but cruel boss, fired for fraud and drug use, Charles Miner, a strict, no-nonsense boss, fired during Dunder Mifflin's buyout by Sabre, and Gabe Lewis, the new VP of sales for Dunder Mifflin-Sabre fired by the Liquidation and buyout of Sabre.

Jan Levinson-Gould

  • First appearance (as boss): Pilot.
  • Last appearance (as boss): The Job.

Jan Levinson was once a strong, but empathetic, kind, but unwavering boss. However, when Jan started a relationship with Michael, she started to crash. During season three, she lied about being with her family to have sex with Michael and paid him to come have sex with her. After getting a boob job, and missing more and more work, and also, according to David Wallace, "shopping on the internet all day," she is fired in "The Job." She was there for more than three years. She left Scranton and is now a candle salesperson with a young baby.

Ryan Howard


Ryan, formerly a temp at the Scranton branch, was promoted to the position by David Wallace, despite several more experienced salespersons applying for the job, including Michael Scott, Karen Filippelli, and Jim Halpert (who ultimately withdrew himself from consideration to stay in Scranton). Ryan made huge changes, most notably launching Dunder Mifflin Infinity, a new website, which unfortunately initially becomes known for harboring sexual predators. Ryan eventually began abusing drugs and resorting to fraud to create the impression of sales on the website. He tries to get Jim fired, possibly feeling threatened by Jim's friendship with Wallace, or out of fear that the fraudulent website sales might be discovered after Jim questions its purpose. Ryan is arrested and fired after his acts of fraud are discovered, after which Michael re-hired him as a temp at Scranton.

Charles Miner


After Ryan is fired, Charles Miner insists on making DM better and tries to instill reason. Although mild-mannered, he is mean to and head-butts Michael. When he shuts down Michael's party, Michael quits. He hates Jim Halpert and tries to get him demoted from his spot. He likes Dwight and his focused attitude. Although he is popular with the office at first, he starts to become less and less popular as Pam, Ryan, and Michael, from The Michael Scott Paper Company, take clients from Dunder Mifflin. He sucks-up to David Wallace, and is too competitive.

Gabe Lewis

Gabe Lewis is the new director of sales after DM is bought out by the printer company, Sabre. He is apprehensive to talk to Michael and doesn't argue with him. He seems to have no feelings for the staff of Scranton, and is highly enthusiastic about the buy-out. He is intimidated by Sabre CEO, Jo Bennett, who yells at him to show him Michael Scott. Over the course of the show however Gabe gets viewed as weaker and more shadow-like and people start ignoring him or being just straight up disrespectful.


Gabe Lewis seemed to have disappeared without a trace when David Wallace bought the company. The position is currently either vacant or the current person has little to no impact on the company.


  • People in this job have the tendency to crash and burn in their jobs. Many start very successful and then crash and are eventually fired for bad behavior or crime.
  • Three of the four VP's do not like Jim. Ryan Howard, Charles Miner, and Gabe Lewis dislike him, although Jan showed respect towards him.
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