Muhdika Muhdika 13 November 2019

Adopting the Wiki

Hi there

The Office Wiki was created by one of the admin, DaHumorist in May 28, 2006 to served as database for the NBC series The Office since it started aired. Since then, the wiki had been visiting by a ton of new editor trying to help support the wiki by editing the article and stuff. Even after the series already ended in 2013, this wiki still active througout the years until now.

However, this wiki practically wasn't much of a good place to someone who need to find an specific info from the series, as the wiki have a lot issues to be dealing with. For example;

1.Fake and unnecessary Article

The wiki currently have 1275 pages which covered up all about the office; character, location, jokes, etc. I'm impressed how all the article (especially a…

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