Title explains it all:

-Best Episodes:

  • Season 1: Diversity Day: Really showed what the show could do and become.
  • Season 2: The Injury: A classic Michael episode that is a complete trip to watch.
  • Season 3 (Tie): Safety Training and Beach Day: Safety Training is another classic Michael episode. Meanwhile, Beach Day is probably the best Jim/Pam episode outside of their wedding and A.A.R.M.
  • Season 4: Dinner Party: The best Michael and Jan episode by far. Really cringefully funny and added to Michael's character. 
  • Season 5: Broke: Pretty much all of the Michael Scott Paper Company episodes are great, but this one takes the cake. Really tense, really funny.
  • Season 6: Niagra: Do I need to explain more?
  • Season 7: Goodbye, Michael: Though the episode before (Michael's Last Dundies) admittedly had the more emotional ending, this is the show's most emotional episode by far, but also the most satisfying.
  • Season 8: Turf War: A really funny episode with lots of good Jim and Dwight moments (Especially parts where they clash with the Birmingham salesman), as well as a decent Robert California subplot. The episode also does a good job of showing how much Robert has mentally spiraled out, particularly the ending scene. Also, I find it funny this episode is more climactic and impactful than the actual season 8 finale.
  • Season 9: Finale: Do I need to elaborate any further?

-Worst Episodes:

  • Season 1: Pilot: Not a strong start... at all.
  • Season 2: Booze Cruise: Some fairly funny Michael shenanagins muddled by fairly annoying Jim and Pam moping. Not a bad episode, just... meh.
  • Season 3: Phyllis' Wedding: A really unfunny and cringey episode that gives Scott's Tots (Which I actually don't hate, unlike most fans) a run for its money.
  • Season 4: Survivor Man: Good concept, but the pacing of the episode is so slow.and a lot of the jokes are hit or miss. By the time Michael actually gets to the woods, 50-65% of the episode has already passed. Additionally, the B-plot feels like a less-bad Season 9 B-plot or a really long post-Michael cold open... or a mixture of both. 
  • Season 5: Prince Family Paper: I actually really enjoy the main plot. It shows the straining relationship of Michael and corporate perfectly. The B-plot meanwhile suffers from the same problem as Survivor Man's, and is some of the most unfunny and boring stuff on the show.
  • Season 6: Mafia: It was either this or The Banker, but at least the Banker had a funny opening and the clips used were from some of the show's best moments. Mafia, meanwhile, is just a snore and has a stupid plot.
  • Season 7: Classy Christmas Part 2: I really like the first part of Classy Christmas, but the second part... ugh. Michael is a completely unlikeable jerk, even for his standards.
  • Season 8: Angry Andy: The episode that destroyed both Andy's and Robert California's character... oh wait, never mind, the final Sabre Store episode destroyed all likeability Robert had. This episode is just a pain to sit through, especially the part where the entire office mocks Andy's errectile dysfunction.
  • Season 9: I don't know, a lot of the episodes here are really bad... I'd say either The Farm or Work Bus, but at least The Farm had some good Packer moments.
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