aka krisha

  • I live in Georgia, USA
  • I was born on January 6
  • I am female
  • Bio hey! i’m krisha, but i also go by wren, and i’m just another fangirl who is way too many fandoms to count. welcome to my bio, let’s get this party started!

    my number one fandom is the shadowhunter chronicles by cassandra clare. i have been in love with this series for a long time! my otp is sizzy!! i also love gabrily and kitty. and my favorite characters are simon, kit, dru, jessamine, raphael, and matthew.

    my second favorite fandom of all time is the grishaverse. these books are so heartbreaking and amazing and i don’t think i’ll ever be okay after reading these. i fucking love the six of crows duology. crooked kingdom is my favorite book. my fave character has to be kaz or jesper. i’m a tidemaker 🌊. i ship genya x david, jesper x wylan, and kaz x inej so hard🤍

    other fandoms: three dark crowns, red queen, and the riordanverse, the office, MCU, supernatural, and the arrowverse.
    i’m a slytherin 💚, capricorn, daughter of hades, and yes, i admit, emo as hell 🖤
    i love NF, panic! at the disco, twenty one pilots, and sleeping with sirens.

    i’ve met some amazing people on the TSC fandom that are truly the best: Manya, Eva, CJ, Heart, Arham, Kashvi, Abi, Zoe, Peri, Aashvi, Ria, Paige, Abbie, Emilie, Achiad, Sarah, Maya, Candie, Raka, N, and so many more! you all are the most loving people ever💖 (if i left anyone out, im so sorry. i love you all!)

    social media-
    discord: wren#8110
    tumblr: waywardchild-890
    pinterest: krishaaag
    or you can leave a message on my wall!

    i’m mostly found on discord and the shadowhunters wiki where i’m a discussions mod.

    thanks for sticking around for this long af bio!

    - krisha 🥀
    ✨audere est facere✨
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