Turf War is the twenty-third episode of the eighth season of the American television comedy series "The Office" and is the show's 175th overall. It was directed by Daniel Chun and written by both Warren Liberstein and Halsted Sullivan. It originally aired on NBC May 3, 2012. It was viewed by 4.44 million people.


Dwight and Jim are on a sales hot streak due to the recent closing of the Binghamton Branch leaving all of their clients to be anyones for the taking. Andy comes in to return Erin's socks which she left at his place. Andy decides to stay and make a special dish of his and talk to Erin however Erin tells Andy of a new rule that Robert has set in place where visitors must wear name tags. Andy becomes annoyed by this and becomes even more confused upon learning that Robert closed the Binghamton Branch as they were doing fine. Robert comes in with sunglasses and insists that everyone be quiet before he pukes next to Jim and Dwight's desks. He admits that now that he and his wife's divorces are final he opened a crate of alcohol and got drunk last night. When Oscar confronts him on why Robert closed the Binghamton Branch, Robert reveals he has no memory of ever wanting to shut down the branch and that he had done it last night while drunk.

A salesman from the Syracuse branch, Harry Jannerone, comes in demanding to speak to Jim and Dwight. He is angry that they were targeting clients from the Binghamton Branch as they are in New York state and therefore should be Syracuse's clients. He also demands to speak to Lloyd Gross. Jim and Dwight reveal that Lloyd Gross is a fictional salesman that they made up in order to make more money due to the sales staff having commision caps. They enlist Toby to play him. Toby tries to play a no-nonsense guy by Harry ends up scaring him off. They eventually decide to let Robert decide who should get the clients.

Nellie comes up to Robert and tells him that she received his voice mail and then proceeds to answer several questions he asked in that voicemail. Robert who had been completely drunk, has no memory of that message and enlists Pam to help him figure out what the message said.

Jim, Dwight, and Harry approach Robert and ask how the Binghamton clients will be divided up. Robert is more focused on learning what the message on Nellie's phone was and tells them they will have to wait. The three are especially interested in the most important client, a large junk mail company that was Binghamton's largest client. Upon Andy hearing that Robert is no allowing anyone to take it for the time being, Andy suddenly runs out to his car.

Jim, Dwight, and Harry however are not very trusting of each other and suddenly find themselves racing to grab the client.

Andy arrives first and claims that he is there from "Big Red Paper Company" and offers a awkeward yet effective sales pitch.

Pam tries to engage in conversation with Nellie and figure out what the message said however Angela arrives and ruins Pam's plans. Angela reveals that Robert sent her in in case Pam should fail. Gabe also comes in causing it to be even harder to Pam to get the information from Nellie.

Jim and Dwight manage to get to the building first and Dwight latches the doors closed with his belt causing his pants to keep falling down. Harry however still makes it into the building. They all race towards the client's office only to learn that Andy had in fact already landed him.

Pam ends up stealing Nellie's phone and she and Robert go through the messages and learn several secrets about Nellie such as she is a shopaholic, and she has failed to adopt a child. Pam feels guilty and deletes the messages.

Pam goes to Nellie's office and the two share what appear to be the start of a friendship.

Jim, Dwight, and Harry all sit outside the client's office and drink some coffee. Harry predicts that if the company stays under Robert, the company will go under very soon leading to nervousness from Jim and Dwight.

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