Jim and Pam prepare the plan to make Michael think that it is 5 o' clock.

In the Season 5 episode, "Company Picnic," everyone in the office tricks Michael into thinking that it is 5 o' clock so that they all can go home. Everyone participates, even rule follower Dwight who has to go home to bring his horse to the doctor, who will shoot it in the head. Everyone is quiet as so not to wake Michael up.


  • Jim changes the time on Michael's computer and changes the clock to 5.
  • Pam changes the time on his watch.
  • Erin speaks quietly when answering the phone while everyone changes the clocks.
  • Dwight changes the clock in Michael's car.
  • Everyone in the office laughs, waking Michael up.


  • In a Q & A at OfficeTally, Jennifer Cellota explained that the scene where Jim has to change to clock to 5 o' clock, was hard to get, and took many times to perfect.

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