Todd F. Packer (usually called simply "Packer") is a fictional character played by David Koechner in the television series The Office. He has a daughter.

Michael frequently calls him PAC-Man in reference to the arcade game of the same name.

Season 1

Packer calls Michael during his meeting with Jan. (Pilot)

In one deleted scene from Basketball Michael is uncomfortable when Packer starts telling a Jewish joke and quickly changes the subject. Packer does say they are friends. Todd Packer is a member of Michael's pickup basketball game, but is not shown playing, which questions the notion of him being a member of Michael's basketball team.("Basketball")

Season 2

Packer's license plate is WLHUNG. It's a play on the phrase "Well Hung", however it is often misunderstood as a reference to Willium Hung. Packer has no idea who William Hung is and wonders why people always ask him if he's a William Hung fan.("Sexual Harassment")

Michael tells a story of the two of them meeting twins and taking them back to a motel, where Packer had sex with both of them. ("Sexual Harassment")

Todd Packer is Michael's emergency contact.("The Fight")

Packer is seen attending the Christmas Party (Christmas Party)

According to Michael, Packer used to sit at Dwight's desk while Michael sat at Jim's desk. ("The Carpet")

As a prank, Packer defecated in Michael's office. ("The Carpet")

Season 3

Michael tells a story of a convention in Hartford at which he and Packer met a girl in a bar. Packer makes out with her, only to discover that her boyfriend is a bouncer at the bar. The bouncer chases them, and Packer manages to get away, leaving Michael behind to get beat up. ("The Convention")

After returning from a vacation with Jan Levenson in Jamaica, Michael calls Packer in Atlanta to brag about it. Packer doesn't believe him, so Michael attempt to email Packer a photo of Michael with Jan sunbathing topless at the resort. Unfortunately Michael clicks on the wrong email address and instead of sending it to, he send to the, which leads to the photo being forwarded to staff and acquaintances all over the branch. ("Back From Vacation")

It is Packer's idea for Michael to get a stripper for Bob Vance's bachelor party. Upon Michael's objections, based on sexual harassment grounds, he recommends that he hire a stripper for Phyllis' wedding shower as well. ("Ben Franklin")

Season 4

In a Deleted Scene Michael talks about how Packer asks if the carpet matches the drapes. (Money)

Season 6

Packer is seen in Clips from Sexual Harassment. (The Banker)

While celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Cooper's Seafood, Todd Packer calls Michael to convince him to join him (in his characteristically vulgar way). Eventually, most of the office employees meet there, and Meredith starts to hump him. ("St. Patrick's Day") This marked his first appearance in three years.

Packer calls Michael so he can tease him after he appears on television denying any problems with Sabre printers. ("Whistleblower")

Season 7

After hiring Danny Cordray as a Traveling Salesman, Michael said he forget that they already had a Traveling Salesman, Packer. (The Sting)

Packer shows up at the office Halloween party dressed as a pregnant nun. ("Costume Contest")

Packer appears as a drunk in a bar in Michael's movie, "Threat Level Midnight". When Michael and the rest of the cast start dancing "The Scarn," Packer stands up and yells, "If doing the Scarn is gay, then I'm the biggest queer on Earth!" ("Threat Level Midnight")

Packer became a permanent salesman of the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin. He came because he has testicular cancer after having sex with women. He came to Holly Flax and said that his daughter is a bitch. He made fun of Kevin for being fat. He apologized to Kevin. Dwight and Jim pranked called him to go to Sabre at Tallahassee. ("Todd Packer")

Season 8

In Tallahassee, Packer competes with Dwight for a Vice President position. Nellie chooses Dwight. Shortly after, Robert California reveals to Jim that he is going to fire Dwight for Nellie's incompetence. Jim protects Dwight, and Packer is fired in his place, after 20 years at Dunder Mifflin-Sabre.

Season 9

Todd returns to the Scranton branch claiming to be on step 8 of Alcholics Anonymous and on step 9 of Narcotics Anonymous. He apologizes to several people however they are insults hidden in the sentence. He gives everyone cupcakes to which people seem ready to forgive him however Pam prevents everyone from accepting them as she feels that Packer has been so mean to them that a cupcake should not win them over. Todd later talks to Clark and gives him a cupcake as well. Packer later leaves after everyone eats the cupcake and reveals that he laced them all with various drugs, some legal and some illegal, as payback for his firing. He proudly tells the cameras this as he sits on his convertible (illegally parked in between a handicapped spot and a no-parking zone), his license plate reading "WL HUNG" still there Template:09x17.


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