Season 1 Edit

The initial title sequence uses the following clips:

  • Scenes from Scranton, Pennsylvania shot by John Krasinski and his friends as they drove through the city.
    • The Penn Paper and Supply building which is now occupied PA Paper Company located on Penn and Vine.  The white business sign at the top of the tower has been changed from Penn Paper to PA Paper, but then was changed back to Penn Paper.
    • The Scranton Center on Mulberry and N Washington , home to the Paper Magic Group, manufacturer of seasonal greeting cards. Creator Greg Daniels mentioned that he chose Scranton as the location for The Office because he saw "Made in Scranton" on the back of a greeting card. That greeting card was probably made by the Paper Magic Group.
    • The Scranton welcome sign along the Central Scranton Expressway. It was blown over by high winds and is no longer there. City officials rescued the sign and intend to bring it out for special occasions. The sign is now in the mall on display.
  • The Dunder-Mifflin warehouse.
  • Michael (Steve Carell) leads his "Diversity Day" training.
  • Photocopier.
  • Kevin uses a calculator.
  • Dwight (Rainn Wilson) shreds a credit card ("Diversity Day").
  • Pam uses white-out ("Pilot").
  • Photocopier tray.
  • Jim (John Krasinski) talks on the phone ("Diversity Day").
  • Highlighter pen.
  • Pam (Jenna Fischer), bored, answers the phone ("The Alliance", deleted scene).
  • Water cooler.
  • Ryan (B.J. Novak) talks on the phone ("Pilot").
  • Dwight throws his necktie over his shoulder ("Basketball").
  • Ryan holds up a bag of clothes ("Basketball").
  • Jim and Pam at the reception desk ("Hot Girl").
  • Michael adjusts a Dundie.

Season 2 Edit

Beginning with the episode "Office Olympics", the actor credit for Steve Carell uses a clip from the episode "Sexual Harassment." The rest of the title sequence remains unchanged.

Season 5 Edit

While no permanent changes are made to the usual title sequence, two episodes in this season have unique title sequences:

The episode "Stress Relief" has a unique title sequence, showing off all the main cast.

The episode "Michael Scott Paper Company" has a unique title sequence as well, focusing on the titular company instead of Dunder Mifflin.

  • Scenes from Scranton, Pennsylvania shot by John Krasinski and his friends as they drove through the city.
  • Directory sign in the Scranton Business Park lobby, focusing on "Michael Scott Paper Co. Inc."
  • Michael (Steve Carell) talking to Pam and Ryan.
  • A wall with four clocks set to different time zones: "Paris", "London", "Beijing" and "USA".
  • Dunder Mifflin's old copier, with "Trash" written on it.
  • Dwight (Rainn Wilson) , reading a paper, almost bumps into the MSPC door, and changes course to the men's bathroom on his right.
  • Pam watering a plant.
  • Ryan removing a staple.
  • Closeup on a photo of Jim (John Krasinski) on Pam's desk.
  • A fish tank with Michael's "World's Best Boss" mug behind it.
  • Pam (Jenna Fischer) typing on her laptop.
  • A power strip.
  • Ryan (B.J. Novak) staples some papers together.
  • Michael throws a little basketball into a net on the wall, misses, and the ball hits Ryan.
  • Michael, Pam and Ryan blocking each other's way.
  • Michael playing with a Newton's cradle.

Season 6 Edit

Starting from the episode "Sabre", the title sequence now lists Ed Helms. Also, only the shortened version of this title sequence is used, a full version does not exist.

Season 7Edit

In Season 7 most of the intro is redone.

Starting with the episode "The Inner Circle", the title sequence is redone again, in order to replace scenes where Steve Carell appears, to mark his departure.

Full versions of the opening exist only for the Deangelo version and the Creed version (used in the extended cut of the "Search Committee", available on DVD) . When aired, "Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager" used a shortened version of the title sequence and "Search Committee" used an extra-shortened one, with only the footage of Scranton and the statue scene.

Season 8 Edit

Parts of the title sequence were redone for season 8.

The full version of this title sequence is very rarely used and many episodes of this season use an extra-shortened title sequence consisting of the initial footage of Scranton and Andy trying to adjust the statue.

Season 9 Edit

Part of the title sequence were redone for season 9.

In episodes where Andy is absent or does not hold the Regional Manager position, the final shot is absent.


  • The shots of Scranton in the opening credits were filmed by John Krasinski and two of his friends before production began on the series. They shot the footage from their Jeep with the camera outside the sunroof.[1]
  • Jay Ferguson composed the theme song.
  • In The Finale, a new opening was featured with all the cast. The Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, and Ed Helms titles remained the same however.


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