Timothy "Tim" Canterbury (born 1971) is a fictional character portrayed by Martin Freeman in the BBC sitcom The Office. He is a funny, friendly, yet unmotivated and unsatisfied sales representative at the Slough branch of paper giant Wernham-Hogg. Tim's American equivalent is Jim Halpert.

Character overview

Tim is an affable 30-year-old underachiever who still lives with his parents. He went to university for a year before dropping out, but hopes to go back and finish a psychology degree some day. Tim feels listless and uninspired at Wernham-Hogg, but is too afraid of failure to take action. He amuses himself by flirting with the lovely blond receptionist, Dawn Tinsley, and playing constant pranks on his office nemesis, Gareth Keenan.

Series 1

Tim is a salesman at the Wernham Hogg Paper Company. He hates his job, however he likes to flirt with Dawn Tinsley, and although they are only friends, it is obvious that they have more feelings for each other.

Series 2

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