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Ryan: (as announcer) On your marks. Get set.
Jim: (as Goldenface) Die!

Michael: [as Michael Scarn] It'll take a lot more than a bullet to the brain, lungs, heart, back and balls to kill Michael Scarn!

Jim: [as Goldenface] Oh, someone's coming alright. The only man who would care: Michael Scarn. See, I'm gonna lure him here, then I kill everybody, then I'm gonna dig up Scarn's dead wife and I'm gonna hump her real good.
[cut to Jim in interview]
Jim: I did not love the dialogue. Or the character. I took the role to impress a receptionist who will remain nameless.

Jim[as Goldenface] Sorry about your friend, Scarn.
Michael[as Michael Scarn] Jokes on you, Goldenface. That man was a wanted animal rapist.

Michael[as Michael Scarn] Hey Goldenface.  
Jim: [as Goldenface] Yeah?
Michael: [as Michael Scarn] Go puck yourself!

      Todd Packer: If doing the Scarn is Gay, then I'm the biggest Queer on Earth!

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