The Target is the eighth episode of the ninth season of the American television comedy series "The Office" and the show's 184th overall. It was written by Graham Wagner and directed by Brent Forrester. It aired on November 29, 2012. It was viewed by 3.88 million people.


Oscar is extremely nervous as he is afraid that Angela found out that he is having an affair with the Senator. Angela comes in and asks if she can ask him a question. Oscar is prepared for her to ask about the Senator however she asks if its cold in here. Oscar then reveals he is excited about Angela not knowing and that if she couldn't figure out that her husband is gay then she probably couldn't figure it out now. However Angela is seen in the background watching Oscar with a face of intense hatred.

Pete is very bored with his assighment of filing customer service complaint cards as he knows its a busy work assighment and that the complaints are already filed on the computer. He instead spends his day making a house of cards with them and he draws the interest of Kevin and Darryl.

Jim is extremely nervous as today is the day that he asks David Wallace if he can work part time so he can work on his friends project in Philidelphia. Pam meanwhile is finally going to start working on the mural in the warehouse she has been planning for awhile. 

Angela tells Dwight in the break room that she wants to meet him in their old spot and that she "needs" him. When Angela goes down to the warehouse however she finds a naked Dwight waiting for her having misinterpreted her message. Angela tells Dwight as he puts his clothes back on that she needed him for "investigative" purposes. 

Jim becomes dissapointed when David Wallace is not thrilled about the idea of an employee becoming part time and tells him he wants someone to be there in person for the clients. Jim then decides to tell David that Stanley and Phyllis have agreed to cover for him even though they haven't. However this idea exites David and he gives Jim permission. 

Pete, and many other office staff meanwhile are attemping to build a house of cards using the customer cards to reach the ceiling. They read each complaint as they do so. Every single office member has had a complaint filed against them except for Pam for which they make fun of her for. When Kevin tries to put the top card on however, the tower falls over causing everyone to yell at him however Pete intervenes and gives Kevin a pep talk and tells everyone that this "is a house of failure" and that everyone can fail. This speech causes Erin to give Pete a very approving look. 

Dwight pulls Angela into a van and introduces him to a man inside, Trevor. A former volunteer sherif. It is revealed that Angela is looking for a hitman. She tells Trevor that she wants Oscar murdered causing Dwight to be stunned.

Pam meanwhile is having trouble getting started on her mural.

Jim takes Stanley and Phyllis out to lunch in order to butter them up and tries to persuade them to cover for him however Stanely and Phyllis take advantage of him and order a lot of expensive food. Stanley ordering alot of food and Phyllis ordering alot of wine.

Dwight tries to talk Angela out of her plan to murder whoever is having an affair with the Senator however Angela insists that this is what she plans to do. Dwight is even more horrified when he discovers that the Senator is gay and that Oscar is the one he is having an affair with.

Jim finds the lunch to be getting more and more uncomfortable with Stanley ordering more food and Phyllis getting drunk. 

Dwight arrives at work and his horrified when he see's Trevor's van in the parking lot. Wanting to save Oscar, Dwight runs inside. Meanwhile the hitman is already inside and posing as a sandwich delivery man. Kevin pretends to be Oscar as he wants the sandwich however Angela saves him at the last minute. Dwight runs in and gets a very confused Oscar away from the office and into the warehouse. Dwight explains that he and Angela hired a man to break Oscar's knees to which Oscar becomes furious. As they run outside however, Trevor is waiting for him with a steel pipe. Dwight tries to prevent Trevor from attacking however Trevor admits that for once he is going to follow up something. Oscar however wrestles away the pipe and the now defensless Trevor retreats. Angela appears and an ugly shouting match break out between Oscar and Angela. Oscar offers Angela the pipe and tells her to hit him if she wishes. Angela doesn't however and instead simply kicks Oscar and walks away. Dwight follows her and comforts her on a bench outside the warehouse.

The staff in the annex discover that they are one card short of reaching the ceiling for their card house. Pam however, decides she is done being so nice and sweet and decides to call up a customer and insult them in order to get that final customer complaint card. She calls one of her clients and makes a "Your Mama" joke. The client however not only complains but also decides to drop Dunder-Miflin as their paper supplier as it turns out the boss's mother recently died. Pam however finally came out of her shell and they finally get the final card to get the tower to reach the ceiling. Pam is inspired by all their teamwork and togetherness and decides to use this as an inspiration in her mural.

Jim arrives back at the office with a sleeping Stanley and Phyllis. Phyllis however reveals that they will cover for Jim and that she and Stanley were giving him a rough time on purpose just to mess with him. Jim is very happy and hugs them both.

Dwight and Angela ends up in Toby's office where they ask several disturbing and un-educated questions about how homosexual men have sex causing Toby to appear bewildered and uncomfortable.

Cultural references

  • Dwight assures Angela that she is not stupid, rather "Jazz is stupid."
  • Angela concurs, saying: "Just play the right notes!"
  • The episode featured several meta-references. Dwight tells Angela and Trevor that "this documentary crew has been following our every move for the past nine years but I don't see them so I think we're good", when they are in Trevor's van.

Connections to previous episodes

  • Pam wears a Pratt institute sweater, she attended classes there in early season five.
  • Angela and Dwight question Toby about the tendencies of homosexuals in a way similar to how Dwight questions Toby about the appearance of female genitalia in the second season episode Sexual Harassment.

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