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See episode, The Search
Erin: Holly is ruining Michael's life. He thinks she is so special and she's so not. Her personality is like a 3. Her sense of humor is a 2. Her ears are like a 7 and a 4. Add it all up and what do you get? 16. And he treats her like she's a perfect 40. It's nuts.

Dwight: You drive. I got a car full of fox meat.

Gabe: “Darn it Bob. I told you not to buy a Sabre brand lifeboat.” [laughter]

Kevin: Nice!

Gabe: No, not nice. Terrible. Doesn’t even include the fact that they’re dogs.

Andy: Do the next one.

Gabe: “Wake up, Fred. The power cord on your Sabre printer shocked you into a coma, and you’re dreaming you’re a dog on a desert island.’

Darryl: Dreaming he’s a dog on a island.

Gabe: Uh, excuse me, excuse me. How does the speaker know what the guy in the coma is dreaming?

Phyllis: Well, if you think it’s so easy, Gabe, why don’t you try it?

Gabe: Umm… “You don’t have to sniff my rear end anymore, Bob, I’m the only one here.” Ha.

Oscar: That’s tasteless, Gabe.

Gabe: Tasteless?

Oscar: Tasteless.

Gabe: More tasteless than this…”is that a palm tree or did Gabe get skinnier? Either way, let’s pee on it.” [laughter]

Pam: Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner.

Phyllis: Yes.

Kevin: Yes, well done!

Oscar: Who’s is it? Who wrote that?

Phyllis: Yeah, who wrote it?

Angela: Please. It was easy once I decided I wanted the dog to piss on Gabe.