Customers of the restaurant doing "The Scarn" along with Michael.

"The Scarn" is an original dance created by Michael Scott for his character Michael Scarn


In Threat Level Midnight, the dance was performed in a restaurant after Billy the bartender requests for it to be played on the jukebox. Michael refuses at first, saying that "I haven't done that dance since my wife died", but then soon joins in and teaches everyone how to do the Scarn.

A notable moment in the Scarn is when the song nears its end, Todd Packer's unnamed character says "If doing the Scarn is gay, then I'm the biggest queer on earth!". This line causes Jim to begin laughing, prompting Michael to pause the movie.


Steps to the Scarn

Jump to the right and shake a hand,
Jump to the left and you shake that hand, 
Meet new friends, 
Tie some yarn, that's how ya' do the scarn.
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