"The Outburst: The Investigation" is the second episode of the webisode series The Office: The Outburst. It was written by Jonathan Hughes & Nate Federman and directed by Lee Eisenberg & Gene Stupnitsky. It aired on on November 26, 2008.


The office workers all try to solve the mystery of Oscar's outburst. Kevin follows Oscar into the bathroom leaving the door open, and asks if he wants to talk about it, while Toby is using it as well and Angela is eating at the table. After being so disgusted she threw away her lunch, Angela explains that she is from a small town, and that they do not gossip, they get together and talk about others problems behind their back.

Andy confronts him in the break room, and says he is a good listener. Creed asks Andy to leave after Andy has his own outburst, just to get on Oscar's good side to get the money offered earlier. Once Oscar realizes Creed is fishing for information as well, he leaves and Creed offers a quarter of the bounty pretending it's half. Oscar says Okay, but Creed has a hard time coming up the money upfront.

Phyllis asks Oscar if everything is okay, because she is just concerned for her friend, he wonders why everyone is getting into his business. Phyllis comments that when he yelled he made it everyone's business, Oscar stated that he left her alone when Bob Vance was being indited by a Grand Jury. She pointed out that he was exonerated on all counts, and that none of the witnesses showed up. Kevin pretends to have his own outburst to try to exchange stories, Oscar says no.


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