"The Outburst: The Explanation" is the fourth episode of the webisode series The Office: The Outburst. It was written by Jonathan Hughes and directed by Lee Eisenberg an Gene Stupnitsky. It aired on on December 11, 2008.


Oscar heads directly to Toby after finding Andy and Kevin going through his desk and wants to file a complaint. Toby asks if it was about his outburst, and in order to file the complaint, he has to know what the phone call was about first.

Andy and Kevin come in and ask to file a complaint against Oscar for having an outburst in a public place and not telling anyone why. Kelly pops her head over the wall and agrees, "Yea, that's messed up." Oscar states he gets to keep his private life, private. He points out the fact that he saw Kelly crying in her car and he left her alone. She storms away, having needed to really talk to someone that day.

Andy proclaims that they deserve to know, at which Oscar gives in and reveals he was yelling at the cable guy. Kelly says that he should get an award for "best over reactor". Creed still tries to claim the bounty from Andy, even though he was standing right next to him. Oscar ends his interview short, with a phone call from the cable guy, which causes another outburst.


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