9. Season 8

The first full season without Michael Scott wasn't a great one. Definitely the weakest season of them all. Nellie Bertram was an awful character in my opinion and James Spader's character was just plain weird. I think we can all agree this is the worst season. I never liked Sabre anyway.

8. Season 9

Season 9 was definitely better than Season 8 mostly because of how strong the final episodes were. Hardcore fans all laughed and cried while watching those final episodes. I liked how they went back to their roots in the final season, when David Wallace bought back Dunder-Mifflin from Sabre. It really came full circle for all the office fans who were there from the beginning. One thing I didn't like was how they destroyed Andy Bernard but whatever.

7. Season 6

This season was when Jim and Pam were kind of at their peak. After the season five cliffhanger of pam being pregnant, you knew it was going to be a pretty good season. The highlights of this season were definitely Jim and Pam's Wedding and also them having CeCe. Another great episode is Scott's Tot's. Classic.

6. Season 7

Michael Scott's final season. Everyone was expecting for the show to drop off after this season and it did a little bit but not as bad as expected. Every die-hard fan cried when the whole office sang Michael that song after the dundies. Everyone cried when he said his goodbye to Jim in his office and when he hugged Pam goodbye, even though we couldn't hear it.

5. Season 1

Ah! The season that started it all! This season only had 6 episodes so we can't rank it to high but this season really kicked off this classic show, even though it didn't get great reviews. Fun Fact: the first season was shot in an actual office and then they made a soundstage replica for the following seasons.

4. Season 5

This season the proposal at the gas station happens which we all love. Also Michael surprisingly quits from Dunder-Mifflin to start the comical yet somewhat effective company in Michael Scott Paper Company. Eventually David Wallace buys them out because they took their big clients even thought they were going broke, but he didn't need to know that. Then the old office becomes useful for a dance room in, "Cafe Disco."

3. Season 3

This season is the first "classic" season of the office that we get too. In this season, Jim goes to Stamford and then he and a couple other co-workers come merge into to Scranton, before 3 of them quit lol. Later in the season Pam confesses her feelings to Jim on the beach, then her and Karen have a little beef from there. Finally the best talking head ever happened in this season, when Jim asked out Pam.

2. Season 4

The season that started with one of it's most famous scene, when Michael hit Meredith with his car in "Fun Run." This episode kicked off a great season that included The infamous dinner party with the "huge" flat screen and of course Stanley yelling at Michael. DID I STUTTER??

  1. Season 2

Personally I love this season and think it is hands down the best season of them all. When you think of The Office you think of this season. It is just the classic season that every show has. Including maybe my favorite episode in "The Dundies." This is where the love interest starts with Dwight and Angela, Jim and Pam, and Michael and Jan. This season just has so many vintage episodes that contributed to making the series so popular including, "The injury", "Casino Night", "Christmas Party", "Office Olympics","The Client", and more. I WANT MY BABY BACK BABY BACK BABY BACK CHILLLISSSSSSSS BABY BACK RIBS

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