On August 29, 2007, posted The Office Summer Vacation as a way to promote the upcoming Season 4. It reveals what many of the characters of The Office did on their summer vacation.

These scenes were later included on the Season 4 DVD and on YouTube here.

Character updates

  • Michael reveals that Jan has moved in with him. He also saw Ratatouille and Y Tu Mama Tambien. He didn't like either of them.
  • Dwight got an infection from drinking contaminated water and nearly died. But now the summer is over and it's time to get back to work.
  • Jim explains that for a period of the summer Michael called him "Jimmy."
  • Karen explains that her summer has been great, except for getting dumped by Jim.
  • Pam has finally let her hair down due to Jim's encouragement.
  • Angela went to the Poconos with a "gentleman friend" (Dwight).
  • Phyllis explained that she and Bob Vance finally received their wedding gift from Michael - a Transformers table setting.
  • Andy innertubed all the way to the Chesapeake Bay... and back.
  • Kevin took up waterskiing.
  • Creed discovered that he has grandchildren... and children.
  • Ryan, fully dressed in new, upscale office garb and sporting a five o'clock shadow in his new corporate office, explains that his life has greatly improved. He barely even remembers Scranton and thinks he remembers dating a black girl.
  • Kelly is so distraught over Ryan dumping her that she lays on the floor all day and doesn't talk, much to Toby's delight.
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