The cast Q&A consisted of Greg Daniels, Ed Helms, Angela Kinsey, Brian Baumgartner, Melora Hardin, Leslie David Baker, Mindy Kaling, Craig Robinson, Phyllis Smith, Bobby Ray Shafer, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez, and Creed Bratton, with moderators Matt Smith and Josh Hodell.

The following are the questions asked at the panel and their responses. Side chatter (such as goofing around with the audience) is not included in the transcript.

Greg Daniels: Actors/character similarityEdit

Question: Which actor is the most like their character on the show, and which is most unlike their character?
Crowd: [uproar] Angela!
Angela Kinsey (Angela): I love you, Scran'in! Woo!
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): Yeah, Angela is most the like her character. [crowd laughter]
Greg Daniels: Angela's most unlike, and Mindy is probably most like Kelly now. [crowd laughter]
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): Really? More than BJ's like Ryan? [crowd laughter]
Greg Daniels: It's a tie.
?: Wait a second.
Melora Hardin (Jan): The fight continues.

Ed Helms: Comparing The Daily Show and The OfficeEdit

Question: Ed, what has it been like going from The Daily Show to a scripted show like The Office?
Ed Helms (Andy): It's actually a very simple answer. They're both an absolute blast, and I'm incredibly proud to be a part of both shows, but they're totally and complete different. On The Daily Show, all the correspondents play just sort of snarkier versions of ourselves, and on The Office I get to play a much more three-dimensional character that I like to think is very different from myself. [to other cast members] And I hope you guys will back me up on that, But, yeah, so it's, it's not, it's very different, but really fun.

Angela Kinsey: Getting into characterEdit

Question: Angela is a complicated character. What steps do you take to get into her mindset?
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Brian would say I'm just being myself. I guess I ride Brian and Oscar pretty hard over there in Accounting.
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): That's what she said. [crowd pandemonium]
Angela Kinsey (Angela): I think my character's really complicated, and I love that about her, and I guess the way I prepare for her is I think a little bit of some ladies I worked with at 1-800-DENTIST, and I once was yelled [at] that I did a Christmas bow wrong for the Christmas party. So I think about those folks.

Brian Baumgartner: Facial expressionsEdit

Question: I enjoy your devious, mischievious expressions. Do you practice your facial expressions in the mirror?
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): [as Kevin] Um, what do you mean? [as himself] Actually, I would say no to that, but there was one facial expression that Greg Daniels actually, who was directing an episode, I don't even actually remember exactly what the expression was, but it was some sort of, oh I remember exactly what it was. It was a moment from the season premiere of this year, Fun Run, where Kevin believes that Pam and Jim are dating, and they have an exchange together that is very innocent, that Kevin thinks is bullhonkey, so the description was something like "with utter shock and outrage" or something, and I wasn't getting that specific facial expression, so Greg took me into the bathroom, Greg and I went into the men's bathroom.
Angela Kinsey (Angela): That's what she said. [crowd uproar]
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): No! No! [calms down] And we did facial expressions, I came out and did it...
Greg Daniels: And nailed it.
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): And nailed it.
Crowd: That's what she said!

Melora Hardin: Her favorite JanEdit

Question: Which do you prefer playing, repressed Jan or domestic goddess Jan?
Melora Hardin (Jan): Jan is an amazing character to play in any incarnation, to be honest, and I just love the many incarnations of her, the way that she's started and sort of evolved, it really started as this very tight-laced corporate woman who turns out to be what she is today, is a beautiful and complicated collaborative dance that I really consider to be involved with these writers and myself. It's very exciting. I can't say enough about what a pleasure this character is to play and what meat I have to sink my teeth into. That's what she said! It's great. I don't know, I can't say that I like the domestic one better than the corporate one or vice versa. She's complicated and exciting in any mask.

Leslie David Baker: Staying in characterEdit

Question: Your character gets annoyed by his co-workers. How do you keep a straight face?
Leslie David Baker (Stanley): I find myself biting the back of my tongue an awful lot to make those very dour and sour faces. I've heard more this weekend that "You're smiling, my gosh. I never get to see you smile that much. We didn't know that you had a full set of teeth. You never smile so much." I do a lot of thinking of dead dogs, cats, animals, anything [crowd moans] to get me into that dour, repressed, very sour place. But today I'm happy. The pills kicked in.

Mindy Kaling: Writing or actingEdit

Question: Do you have a preference to writing or acting in the shows?
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): I'm going to answer like the kid who has to decide which parent he wants to go with in the divorce. I'm going to say that I love them both, and I feel like the luckiest person in the world to get to be able to do both things and get paid to do both things. It's amazing. I will say though, as a writer you get to be a little bit more of a slob, which is fun, like you if you could see our writing staff you get in at ten, we get to wear whatever kind of crappy clothes you want to wear, and we stay late, whereas acting is like, it's 6am you're trying to get in to hair and make-up, it's a lot tougher in a different way. But both are really awesome.

Craig Robinson: Kelly and DarrylEdit

Question: Are you going to be around even more in future episodes? And will there be more to the Kelly/Darryl storyline?
Craig Robinson (Darryl): To the first question, "Please, God, yes." And I think the second question can best be answered like this. [kisses Mindy Kaling]
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): He isn't angling. He's kissed me for the past fourteen hours. Anytime he gets in front of a microphone, it's [as Craig] "Where's Mindy? We gotta kiss. This answer can only be..."
Craig Robinson (Darryl): Wouldn't you do the same thing?
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): People are like, "Craig, where are you from?" [as Craig] "This can only be answered with a kiss. Where's Mindy?" [as herself] "Hey, Craig, what'd you like to have for dinner?" [as Craig] "I'd like a kiss from Mindy Kaling."
Moderator: I think we can all go home. I don't think we can top that.
Oscar Nunez (Oscar): Let me show you how.

Kate Flannery: Meredith's backstoryEdit

Question: What is Meredith's backstory, in your mind, beyond the alcoholism and divorces?
Kate Flannery (Meredith): Wow, how much time do I have to answer that question?
Moderator: we've got a lot of time to kill.
Kate Flannery (Meredith): It's funny. It feels like I've exposed a lot of body parts but not a lot of story lines. I sort of imagined that, you know, Meredith's been divorced twice. I actually imagine that one of her ex-husbands is either a serial killer or buries people's body parts out in the woods in Scranton. I think it's pretty dark.
Melora Hardin (Jan): Go darker.
Kate Flannery (Meredith): I just wanted to say, since I got here, people are telling me I'm beautiful in Scranton. I'm never leaving Scranton. I love you guys. You guys are awesome. I'm beautiful here. Thank you.

Oscar Nunez: Improv backgroundEdit

Question: Oscar, you have an improv background. Does that training help you on The Office?
Oscar Nunez (Oscar): Yes, no, I don't know. In improv, they train you to think on your, [pretends to forget] um, um... hands? I mean, feet. To think off the top of your head. It's helped, of course, it's helped tremendously, and because... [interrupted by shouts from crowd] A lot of us actually met, Angela and I have known each other through improv and a lot of people have done improv, so it is fantastic. If there are any kids who are studying to be a lawyer or a doctor, I say quit and get into acting and join an improv troupe. [crowd cheers] I strongly suggest that, thank you.

Creed Bratton: The real CreedEdit

Question: How much of real Creed is in the character Creed?
Creed Bratton (Creed): When I first passed out in the back of a Greyhound bus in Los Angeles, I woke up in Scranton, and Ed Truck found me eating out of a dumpster, took me to a soup kitchen, introduced me to a young salesman he had just hired named Michael Scott, and they showed me the ropes. I was horrible at sales. They took pity on me and allowed me to go into Quality Assurance where I found a little niche, and that in 90 seconds, and basically that's as far as I go, guys. Because I stopped caring a long time ago.
Ed Helms (Andy): To answer that question, Creed doesn't actually know this is a TV show.

Phyllis Smith: Casting backgroundEdit

Question: You used to work in casting. Does that help you as an actor?
Phyllis Smith (Phyllis): Absolutely. I was honing a craft that I didn't know I was honing at the time because I had no idea that my path was going to go this way, so, I have to thank all the actors up here for helping as I auditioned you through the years. Andy [Buckley], I used to see Andy all the time in the room. So that's where I hone my craft is from fellow actors, absolutely.

Bobby Ray Schafer: Bob and Phyllis's first anniversaryEdit

Question: What is Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, planning to do for Phyllis on their wedding anniversary?
Bobby Ray Schafer (Bob Vance): I've had really bad luck with Susans [name of person who asked the question] in the past. What'll I do for her anniversary? Well, I told one of the producers, who shall remain nameless, "Phyllis needs a new car." An Escalade. With spinners. we need like a 100,000-dollar ride for her because Vance Refrigeration is doing so well, and I owe it all to her. [kisses Phyllis]

Andy Buckley: InspirationEdit

Question: You play a CEO [sic] with frightening accuracy. Who was your inspiration?
Andy Buckley (David Wallace): There's a local Merrill Lynch guy named Roland Greco who's in the audience. He was one of them... No, it's a whole hodgepodge, I don't know. I just tried not to move too much, just tried to sit where they told me to sit, tried not to get fired. That was my inspiration, "Don't get fired." Come on. This is fun, this is too much fun.

Greg Daniels: Similarity to M*A*S*HEdit

Question: I see similarities between M*A*S*H and The Office. Are any of the production staff fans of M*A*S*H or consider it an influence?
Audience member: No! [crowd laughs]
Greg Daniels: When we were shooting the episode The Fire, we kept hearing helicopters. They would interrupt takes, and I know M*A*S*H is supposed to be in Korea, but it's set in the hills of Los Angeles, and we're trying to mimic the lush forests of Scranton in the same dusty hills of Los Angeles. That's the only connection I could see.
Moderator: I guess that's a big No.
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Dwight and Angela were once compared to Hot Lips Houlihan and Frank, so that's one little thing for ya.
Brain Baumgartner (Kevin): : Thanks so much for your help, Angela.

Ed Helms: Classmates with Brian BaumgartnerEdit

Question: You went to high school with Brian. Did you guys know each other in high school, and is it weird to be working with him now?
Ed Helms (Andy): Yes, we knew each other in high school. Brian and I went to high school in Atlanta, Georgia, and it's awkward for me to talk about because Brian at the time was dealing with heroin addiction. [crowd laughter]
Brain Baumgartner (Kevin): Sad but true.
Ed Helms (Andy): We weren't very close because he was, most of our junior year, he was on trial for murder. It was just a very dark period in Brian's life. The truth is we were both in a bunch of plays together. We were both kind of nerds. I'm going to claim you were a nerd also. I was a nerd in high school and Brian's a year older, one year, right?
Brain Baumgartner (Kevin): Yes, as far as you know.
Ed Helms (Andy): And it's extremely awkward to work with him now.
Brain Baumgartner (Kevin): I don't want to skip Angela, I want my own question, but I can answer... we were actually shooting the Webisodes that Oscar and Angela and I did with a lot of the other cast members, at the very end, right before summer and I was in the break room back in the back of Dunder Mifflin and I'm standing there talking to the camera and suddenly over the cameraman's shoulder I see Ed Helms, who I went to high school with, and it was like a mind-blowing thing, like "Why are you here?"
Ed Helms (Andy): That's true.
Brain Baumgartner (Kevin): "Why am I doing this in front of you?"
Ed Helms (Andy): We hadn't see each other in like fifteen years at that point.
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Wow.
Ed Helms (Andy): It was pretty crazy.
Brain Baumgartner (Kevin): Cause I hate The Daily Show. [crowd laughter]

Angela Kinsey: DwangelaEdit

Question: What do you think the current relationship between Angela and Dwight is?
Crowd: Oh, D! Oh'D!
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Oh, D! I think Dwight is in the doghouse because he mercy-killed my cat, and I think it's going to take Angela Martin a long time to get over that, she's gonna make him suffer for that. Maybe she'll Nard-Dog it a little...
Ed Helms (Andy): Ay-oh! [crowd uproar]
Angela Kinsey (Angela): I think there's some possibility of a love triangle there. That's all I got.

Brian Baumgartner: DrummingEdit

Question: Can you sing and play drums in real life? And have you ever been in a band like the one Kevin is in?
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): Well, it's interesting. I was touring with The Police last summer... No, I cannot play any instrument. Paul Lieberstein, who plays Toby on the show, he does drum a bit and gave me lessons, and then we had an amazing drummer who worked with us on the Phyllis' Wedding episode, but I don't really sing nor have I ever been in a band. I'm not that cool.
Crowd: Yes, you are!
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): Yeah, thank you. I love you, too. I love you, too.

Melora Hardin: SingingEdit

Question: You have a great singing voice. Would you want Jan to sing on The Office?
Melora Hardin (Jan): I don't really think it's appropriate for Jan to be the kind of singer I am. The only thing I could ever think of Jan ever singing would be some kind of twisted, sweet lullaby to Michael, which would have some kind of strange double entendre to it. That's the only way she could sing. But she wouldn't sing that loudly. It would be very [whispers] soft. [sings] "Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are."

Leslie David Baker: Stanley's least favoriteEdit

Question: Who is Stanley's least favorite person in the office?
Leslie David Baker (Stanley): Hm. I wonder who that could be. Of course it would probably have to be Michael. Yes. what else you got? That's it?
Melora Hardin (Jan): Leslie, has anyone ever told you that your character on The Office is a little bit like Eeyore.
Leslie David Baker (Stanley): Yes, they have, thank you very much.

Mindy Kaling: The evolution of KellyEdit

Question: What was your inspiration for turning Kelly from the conservative character we see in Diversity Day and The Dundies into the girly-girl outspoken character she is now?
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): Well, if you see it from my perspective: I was hired as a writer on the show. Twenty-five, single girl living in Los Angeles, and Greg Daniels says, "Hey, I want you to be on the show. I think it'll be cool. We're going to put you in the most hideous outfit you have ever worn in your entire life and no make-up whatsoever." So I'm a crafty woman who was seeing Greg all the time when he was busy with other things, and it was just sort of relentless over the course of the years, like, "Hey Greg, I thought maybe instead of this buttoned-up Puritanical outfit I'd just be wearing kind of a low-cut pink top." He's like, "I'm too busy. Just do it." [seriously] No. I think that it was, I'm joking, but there was just a little bit of me wanting to be a little bit less... I don't know, that person really, but not a twenty-five-year old girl, but I do know the kind of like really pink teenager girl. As Greg says, a lot like my own personality. That's just been something that the show has, and I've been leading that crusade since the first season, to try to make her into more of a mall rat, which I guess is what she is now.
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Hey, Greg. Can I lose the Puritanical top? I counted. One of my tops has thirty-two buttons.
Greg Daniels: No. I wised up to that.
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Ugh!

Craig Robinson: Michael and DarrylEdit

Question: How long before Darryl finally flips out on Michael?
Craig Robinson (Darryl): I think that question can best be answered like this. [kisses Mindy Kaling; Kate Flannery takes a picture]
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): And it works. It works every time. I'm like "gotta tongue-kiss Craig."
Craig Robinson (Darryl): Darryl is too cool to flip out on Mike, I think.
Kate Flannery (Meredith): Dinkin flicka.
Craig Robinson (Darryl): But Mike does push his buttons, but Darryl's just, he's a few steps ahead, so he comes in to work prepared. Maybe if something happened, he put his daughter in danger or something like that. If he had to really sternly come down on him.
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): If he plays with the baler.
Craig Robinson (Darryl): I'll go with that. if he plays with the baler, that's what'll make him flip out.

Kate Flannery: Getting run overEdit

Question: What was your reaction when you were told you were going to be run over by Michael.
Kate Flannery (Meredith): I actually asked our producer Kent Zbornak if I was actually going to live, and he said to me, "This isn't All My Children." And I was actually very relieved to get to do my own stunt, and actually Kent Zbornak, he actually did the stunt first to show me that it was okay, and I kind of got competitive with him, and I thought, "I can do that. I can do that better than he can." And actually I got a little nervous when we were shooting it. Greg was directing that episode, and I kept sort of flinching when I was hitting the glass, like any normal human being would, And I remember Greg Daniels took me behind the warehouse and he sort of went... [waving her hands around her face] trying to get me out of my head, and we just did a bunch of jumping jacks, and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. It was.
Question: Can I sign your cast?
Kate Flannery (Meredith): Get in line, pal.

Oscar Nunez: Oscar and GilEdit

Question: Has Oscar broken up with Gil yet? And who would Oscar date if he were to try girls?
Oscar Nunez (Oscar): That's interesting. I asked about that to Greg, "What's happening with this character and relationship?" and he took me out to the alley, and we did jumping jacks and sit-ups, and we ran around a little bit, and I got real sweaty, and then he just took a picture of me and walked away.
Greg Daniels: Good thing I didn't run you over with a car.
Oscar Nunez (Oscar): I don't have an answer to that, but that was the process he was trying to tell me something in his own way about the process. [seriously] No, I trust the writers implicitly and whatever they have in store. It's been a great ride. Bring it on, whatever happens to the character I've gotten. As long as he's not in a coma because that would limit my range of acting, just lying prone.
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): This isn't All My Children.

Creed Bratton: More guitarEdit

Question: I love the extended scene on Booze Cruise. Will you be playing guitar in any upcoming episodes?
Creed Bratton (Creed): Well, I don't know. That would be a Greg Daniels question, I guess. I got to sing a song, karaoke, Spinning and Reeling, a song I wrote, and of course we're playing today. I don't know. That's a writer's question, actually.

Phyllis Smith: Telling off AngelaEdit

Question: Phyllis, was it fun for you to tell Angela off?
Phyllis Smith (Phyllis): You better believe it.
Angela Kinsey (Angela): It is so hard to be mean to Phyllis in scenes, you guys. She has the sweetest personality and the sweetest face, and I just have to walk up to her and be like, "You're a whore!"
Bobby Ray Schafer (Bob Vance): Hey, watch it!
Phyllis Smith (Phyllis): [pointing at her blue shawl] Is blue whorish? Is blue whorish, Angela?
Angela Kinsey (Angela): And of course, blue is whorish. anything Phyllis wears is whorish.
Phyllis Smith (Phyllis): I could take it off, Angela. [crowd whoops]
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Uh huh.
Kate Flannery (Meredith): Hey, that's my bit!

Bobby Ray Schafer: More of Bob Vance, Vance RefrigerationEdit

Question: Everyone loves Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. When are we going to see more of him?
Bobby Ray Schafer (Bob Vance): Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. [applause]

Andy Buckley: His day jobEdit

Question: How do your clients in your real office job... For those who don't know, Andy actually has a job that's not acting, a day job, and he's a very accomplished actor, so uh... How do your clients on your real office job react when they realize you're on The Office?
Andy Buckley (David Wallace): Well, I guess we'll find out next week, huh? [seriously] People actually get quite a real kick out of it. For those of you watch the show, I've really only been on it a couple of times, so it doesn't take a lot of time, so I can have a golf habit or something like that. So far so good. We'll see. Go Nittany Lions, baby! [cheers and boos] Big night tonight!
Melora Hardin (Jan): You guys kind of need to know the story about Andy. This is really cool, actually. Can I just fill you in a little bit? Because he's so shy he's not going to tell you. Andy was a professional actor. He quit acting to become, and this could be wrong, but... Andy, you're a stock broker, right?
Andy Buckley (David Wallace): Yes.
Melora Hardin (Jan): To become a stock broker. He has a great business doing that, and works with Merrill Lynch. Allison Jones, our casting director, ran into him on the street and said, "Oh, you'd be perfect for this CEO [really CFO] in The Office," and Andrew was like, "Well, I'm not acting any more." Allison: "Pleeease, just come and do this." And here he is. So it's a pretty exciting story because this is really like his little side thing.
Andy Buckley (David Wallace): You people, listen this is just a little side thing for me. This is your lives? My God!
Melora Hardin (Jan): He has a real job.
Andy Buckley (David Wallace): Greg, I am always available. Always.

Greg Daniels: Second LifeEdit

Question: What would your Second Life character be like?
Greg Daniels: That's a great question. I'd be so much stronger, I could fly, lasers would come out of my eyes. It'd be pretty awesome. I'd probably have those rotating Gatling gun arms... I'd do it up.
Question: [to Leslie David Baker] What would your Second Life character be like?
Leslie David Baker (Stanley): Oh, my God, Second Life? Again? I've done that. I've worked in three psychiatric hospitals, taught school, worked as an administrator for the Board of Ed, all of that. I'm on my ninth life by now. Somebody who'd be stationary in front of a big T.V. resting.

Ed Helms: The Rainbow Connection and Ra-da-da-di-dooEdit

Question: Can you please sing The Rainbow Connection?
Ed Helms (Andy): Uh, I will guarantee you that I will forget the words, but I will give it a shot. [sings falsetto] Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side? 'Cause rainbows have lots of colors and they are... round... and at the end there's a pot of gold. [talks] I can't... I don't know the rest. I think that question could best be answered by Craig making out with Mindy.
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): [after Craig kisses her] Rah-dit-dit-di-doo! Where is that from? Can I ask where "rah-dit-dit-di-doo" comes from? We do that in the writer's room when we think we've pitched something funny. Ed, where is that from?
Ed Helms (Andy): Wait. What?
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): We'll wait while you have this private conversation.
Ed Helms (Andy): I didn't hear you. Oh, the "Ra-da-dit-di-doo"?
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): Yeah.
Ed Helms (Andy): I don't know. That came from... from... When Jim and I were driving and I had him beer me a CD, and all that... you know... but uh... that's kind of like how I sing songs to myself when I'm hangin' out by myself, and it's just a fun place to inject that into Andy's character. But I do that. That's kinda how I tawk sometimes.
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Can I also tell you guys that Ed does the best Tom Brokaw? [agreement from others] And he does it on set all the time.
Oscar Nunez (Oscar): He does Tom Brokaw drunk.
Ed Helms (Andy): [as Tom Brokaw] The Israelis have once again launched an all-out attack on the Palestinians. [crowd cheers] Thank you. Katie?
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): Can you do gay Al Gore, too?
Ed Helms (Andy): Okay. [as Al Gore] If I were elected President, I would make absolutely certain that black patent leather stiletto heels came in men's sizes. Vote for Al Gore for President. [crowd cheers]

Angela Kinsey: BloggingEdit

Question: You are very involved with the fans, writing your blogs, communicating via MySpace, and it's appreciated. Why is that important to you?
Angela Kinsey (Angela): When the show started out, we definitely felt like The Little Engine That Could. We were really searching for our audience, and we were so proud of the show. It's great as an actor. We often do a lot of shows where you're like, "Eh, maybe tune in, maybe don't." This show we were so proud of and we wanted to get the word out. Jenna started a blog on MySpace, and she set it up for me. I don't know much about computers. I didn't know how to do it. And then she set one up for Brian, and we started to blog each week behind-the-scenes stuff. Brian blogs as his character Kevin Malone, and I thought I'd blog as my character, but I was like, she'd probably think the Internet's witchcraft, and she certainly wouldn't be talking to inappropriate strangers. It was a way to really connect to the fans and reach out to everyone. We're still doing it because we love you guys. We love that you support the show and love it.

Brian Baumgartner: BasketballEdit

Question: In a game of round-the-world basketball, who would win? Kevin or Jim?
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): Kevin-slash-Brian has and will. [crowd cheers]
Angela Kinsey (Angela): That is true. We had a basketball goal set up.
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): We have basketball goals set up outside by where our rooms are, and we started playing Horse. Some of you may be familiar with it. John Krasinski and I, and he would lose. And we bet M&Ms, and he would double or nothing, double or nothing, double or nothing, double or nothing. By the time we were done, he owed me a lot of M&Ms. And then he would eventually win because I would let him.
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Of course John isn't here to respond. [crowd moans in disappointment] I know ladies, I know.

Melora Hardin: Jan's boobsEdit

Question: Saline, silicone, or Wonderbra?
Melora Hardin (Jan): It actually is a fabulous feat by the wardrobe department. It is made up of a D-sized bra and lots of very hard padding that pushes my real breasts to the very tippity-top of the bra so that by the end of the day, needless to say, I'm quite relieved to take off my strap-on...
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin): That's what she said.
Melora Hardin (Jan): ... chest.
Oscar Nunez (Oscar): That's what she said. [crowd cheering]
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Ah, there it is.
Ed Helms (Andy): Seriously, she just said that.
Creed Bratton (Creed): I used to play with a band called The Strap-Ons. [crowd hoots]
Melora Hardin (Jan): I think it's very fitting that Jan have a strap-on... chest.
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): What'd she say?
Melora Hardin (Jan): Chest, I said. Chest.
Oscar Nunez (Oscar): Good night, everyone!

Leslie David Baker: Puzzle preferenceEdit

Question: Which do you prefer, sudoku, word search, or the classic crossword puzzle?
Leslie David Baker (Stanley): Absolutely the traditional crossword puzzle. It's tried, it's true. Actually, somebody out here gave me a brand new crossword puzzle book, so it will be put to good use. Traditionally. Not this sudoku stuff.

Mindy Kaling: Writing The InjuryEdit

Question: It seems like The Injury was a popular episode. What was your inspiration?
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): The Injury is probably the favorite episode that I've written. [cheers]
Greg Daniels: Wait till next week!
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): The episode next week, that's nice that I like also, but The Injury was fun because [to Greg Daniels] as you said, it was one of the silliest premises, Greg, we've ever had? You know, it came after Booze Cruise, where they go on a work cruise, and two people, there's all these proud moments, and this one where it's like, "Let's build one around Michael's grilled foot." Which I thought was amazing, because Greg has this silly side. I mean, he's my boss, he's great, he's very serious, but he's absolutely the most goofy person ever. And when he attaches to something... I think the original idea was that Michael had fallen asleep in the sun and had sunblock all over him except for his foot, and it started out as a sunburned foot. Greg, is that correct? Is that how it started?
Greg Daniels: I think so.
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): It was a long time ago. And actually the name of the episode was My Grilled Foot for the longest time until we thought that might be too weird for people to tune in and watch that. I was amazed that we based a whole episode that was basically about disability, around Michael's crazy disability of having to eat bacon every morning when he wakes up.
Greg Daniels: It was a pretty silly premise, and it took Steve Carell a two-minute talking head to make it sound plausible.
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): That's my favorite talking head he's ever done. "Sue me. I like to wake up every morning to the smell of bacon." Steve, I remember, when he read it, he's such a genius, because there's about seven crazy things, and he's just like, "And yes, every morning I have to have seven strips of bacon, and no, I don't like to go to my kitchen to do it. It has to be in my bedroom." And he just railed through it, and at the next meeting it was, "Give me something else." He's such a genius he could take something so crazy and make it something I love thinking about. That's a great, fun episode to have written. [responding to teasing about the kissing] I have a boyfriend. He's here, I think.
Leslie David Baker (Stanley): You had a boyfriend.
Oscar Nunez (Oscar): Not any more.
Leslie David Baker (Stanley): He took your purse with him.
Craig Robinson (Darryl): All respect, Mr. Ben, all respect.

Craig Robinson: The warehouse crewEdit

Question: Can you tell me a little about the rest of the warehouse crew?
Craig Robinson (Darryl): Absolutely. We have Lonnie who is played by Patrice O'Neal. A fantastic comedian. Kelly called him a Sea Monster in one episode. Then we have Calvin... what's Calvin's name on the show? Lester. Lester is played by Calvin.
Angela Kinsey (Angela): Karly plays Madge.
Craig Robinson (Darryl): Karly is played Madge.
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): Madge is played by Karly.
Craig Robinson (Darryl): Madge, that's what I said. ... And the other guys.
Mindy Kaling (Kelly): Craig has no idea. He just breezes in with his Hummer and with his like six ho's around him and like...
Craig Robinson (Darryl): Somebody wants a kiss! [crowd laughs] It's a hardworking tight-knit crew, and we do a lot of fun activities down there and listen to music.

Kate Flannery: Growing up in PennsylvaniaEdit

Question: You're from Philadelphia. what is your favorite part of growing up in Pennsylvania?
Kate Flannery (Meredith): Well, my family owned a bar. [crowd laughter] You know, you gotta be careful what you tell the writers on this show, because I did not start out as an alcoholic on the show. But my dad's bar was a total old man bar, filled with characters. There was a guy who broke into my dad's station wagon, and instead of calling the police, he did what any normal man would do. He gave that guy a potato peeler and a job for the next twenty-five years. This is so great to be back in Pennsylvania. There are so many people who go to the University of Scranton who went to my high school, Archbishop Carroll. This is very surreal, I was so excited to go the State Store [state-run liquor store] and the beer distributor, which is awesome.

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