On October 26 through 28, 2007, Scranton, Pennsylvania hosted the first The Office Convention.


Name Role Other information
Buckley, AndyAndy Buckley Actor David Wallace
Kinsey, AngelaAngela Kinsey Actor Angela Martin
Farrell, AnthonyAnthony Farrell Writer
Novak, B.J.B.J. Novak Writer/actor Ryan Howard;
"Diversity Day" and others
Shafer, Bobby RayBobby Ray Shafer Actor Bob Vance
Forrester, BrentBrent Forrester Writer "The Merger" and others
Baumgartner, BrianBrian Baumgartner Actor Kevin Malone
Robinson, CraigCraig Robinson Actor Darryl Philbin
Bratton, CreedCreed Bratton Actor Creed Bratton
Helms, EdEd Helms Actor Andy Bernard
Stupnitsky, GeneGene Stupnitsky Writer "The Secret" and others;
also plays Leo
Daniels, GregGreg Daniels Show Runner/Writer/Director creator of the US version
Kessler, JasonJason Kessler Writer
Celotta, JenniferJennifer Celotta Writer "Drug Testing" and others
Spitzer, JustinJustin Spitzer Writer "Back From Vacation" and others
Flannery, KateKate Flannery Actor Meredith Palmer
Zbornak, KentKent Zbornak Executive Producer
Eisenberg, LeeLee Eisenberg Writer "The Secret" and others;
also plays Gino
Baker, Leslie DavidLeslie David Baker Actor Stanley Hudson
Lewis, LesterLester Lewis Writer "The Deposition"
Hardin, MeloraMelora Hardin Actor Jan Levinson
Schur, MichaelMichael Schur Writer "The Alliance" and others;
also plays Mose
Kaling, MindyMindy Kaling Writer/actor Kelly Kapoor;
"The Dundies" and more
Nunez, OscarOscar Nunez Actor Oscar Martinez
Smith, PhyllisPhyllis Smith Actor Phyllis Vance-Vance
Koh, RyanRyan Koh Writer


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