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{{seasonnav|prev=[[Season 6]]|current=The Mentor - Webisodes |next=[[Season 7]]}}

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"The Mentor" is a webisode spin-off series of "The Office," that aired on March 4. It was written by Jonathan Hughes and Nate Federman and directed Kate Cantley.



When Erin expresses that she wants to be an accountant, Angela will be her mentor. Kelly is angry whereas Ryan is sick of the drama. Rafael doesn't believe that she'll be a good fit while Erin acts like Angela.


Webisode Title Webisode Number Production Code Original Airdate
The Mentor: The Pupil 1 Webisode 1 Mar 4, 2010
Erin asks Rafael if she can be an accountant. Angela offers to help her, and Angela teaches her to be just like her.
The Mentor: Reimbursements 2 Webisode 2 Mar 4, 2010
Erin struggles to have a firm hand and tries to make Kelly and Creed understand why she is telling them this.
The Mentor: Soccer Game 3 Webisode 3 Mar 4, 2010
Ryan teaches Rafael how to be cool like him. So he invites him to go watch a soccer match, of his team, Grêmio Football Porto Alegrense, from Brazil.
The Mentor: BFFs? 3 Webisode 4 Mar 4, 2010
Kelly and Ryan show Erin that they are BFF's and Angela becomes angry. Kevin offers to be Erin's mentor, and Erin has it all.
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