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For the band group, see Subtle Sexuality.


Subtle Sexuality



Kelly Kapoor and Erin Hannon start a "girl group" which they name Subtle Sexuality. In the webisode, they are making a music video.

Ryan helps them, then he quits, then they hear Andy singing and decide to have him be in the video. Andy edits it. (Ryan is in the music video).


Webisode Title Webisode Number Production Code Original Airdate
Subtlesexuality1.jpg Subtle Sexuality: Creative Differences 1 Webisode 1 Oct 29, 2009
Kelly and Erin explain they want to start a music video, and that their band is "Subtle Sexuality," and Ryan quits.
Subtlesexuality2.jpg Subtle Sexuality: The Replacement 2 Webisode 2 Oct 29, 2009
Kelly and Erin replace Ryan with Andy.
Subtle sexuality4.jpg Subtle Sexuality: The Music Video 3 Webisode 3 Oct 29, 2009
Andy is done editing the music video, and Erin and Kelly decide to watch it.



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