Kevin's Loan

The Office: Kevin's Loan is a series of webisodes based on characters from The Office. It began on July 10, 2008 on

Season overview

Kevin gets creative in order to pay off his gambling debts.


Webisode Title Webisode Number Production Code Original Airdate
Kevinsloan1 Money Trouble 1 Webisode 1 July 10, 2008
Kevin's money troubles are starting to aggravate Oscar.
Kevinsloan2 Malone's Cones 2 Webisode 2 July 17, 2008
Kevin's meeting with a bank loan officer doesn't go all too well.
Kevinsloan3 Exposed Wires 3 Webisode 3 July 24, 2008
After overhearing Kevin having a conversation with the man he owes money to, Darryl offers his help in getting Kevin a loan.
Kevinsloan4 Taste the Ice Cream 4 Webisode 4 July 31, 2008
When Kevin's second meeting with a bank loan officer goes horribly awry despite Darryl's help, he opts to pay off his debt by selling ice cream.
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