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The Girl Next Door is Subtle Sexuality's second song. Available on the Season Eight Blu-ray/DVD release along with the webisode: The Story of Subtle Sexuality. It is the last Webisode, Which aired may 4 2011. There are two parts to the Webisode.Part 1 is The Story Of Subtle Sexuality and part 2 is The Girl Next Door.

Lyrics (from

[Verse 1: Kelly & Erin]
I'm just the girl next door, but that's how it goes
You only see me as one of your bros
I'm rich and I'm skinny and I have high self esteem
People say that I could be a pageant queen
We could be just like Juliet & Romeo
Cleopatra & Marc Antony
Or Marc Anthony & J-Lo

[Chorus: Kelly & Erin]
I'm just the girl next door
And she's totally poor
I wish I could be more
I'm just the girl next door

[Verse 2: Kelly & Erin]
I'm on a customer service call
I see you two holding hands across the hall
I've got two thousand friends on Facebook
I eat a ham sandwich alone in my office nook
My blessed family won the lottery
And my lame one lives in poverty, poverty, poverty, poverty


[Bridge: Ry Howard]
I miss you, I love you
Now looking back forty years later
My one regret is choosing not to date her
The hot girl wasn't that great
She was a bad mother, she was always late
Should have gone for the girl next door from the very start
But it's too late cause she died of a broken heart

[Chorus] x2

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