The Boat is the sixth episode of the ninth season of the American television comedy series "The Office" and is the show's 182nd overall. It was written by Dan Sterling and directed by John Krasinski. It aired on November 8, 2012. It was viewed by 4.83 million people.


Oscar admits to the cameras that he is indeed having an affair with the Senator. He asks that the cameras promise not to tell anyone and that he is trying to work things out. Suddenly Kevin steps out from behind the dumpster, having heard the whole thing. His shock causes him to drop his ice cream.

Andy's family has gone bankrupt. Walter Bernard Sr. ran away to Argentina with a younger woman and went through all the family's money with Walter Bernard Jr., Andy's younger brother becoming a drunk and going to rehab in New Mexico. Jim and Pam express their amazement at how calm and competent Andy's handling of the situation is.

Pam receives a call informing her that a local radio talk show is looking for any interested Dunder-Miflin Scranton employees that would like to be interviewed. Dwight immediantly volunteers as he believes that it could lead to him being famous and being able to endorse paper products leading him to sell more.

Andy recruits Darryl, Erin, and Oscar to help him figure out the family's budget. They determine the only way to regain most of their money is to sell the family boat. Andy is reluctant to do this as the boat has become a symbol in the family that represents their pride.

Oscar meanwhile realizes that Kevin can barely keep the secret to himself and nearly reveals it to Angela several times. Oscar eventually gets angry with Kevin and turns in false information to Toby that indicates that Kevin is using company money to gamble.

Pam reveals that the radio show called and canceled the interview however Jim decides to use it as a prank.

Andy seems sad about the idea of the boat being sold. He explains to Erin about how he has always wanted to steer the ship however his father would always knock him aside. Erin tells him that now that he is the man of the family that the boat could be his to steer. Andy decides to go with Erin to steer the boat before it gets sold.

Jim, Pam, Nellie, and Darryl all simulate a talk show host in the Conference room while Dwight is in the break room. Nellie plays the radio show host in an American accent while Darryl does theme music. Nellie succesfully convinces Dwight to take his shirt and pants off and tricks Dwight into blaming company CEO David Wallace for the "stock failures" that Pam's character brings up.

Andy arrives at the boat and tries to sail it one more time however men from the insurance company stop him. Andy convinces them that he will drive the boat down to the buyer himself. He promises Erin that they will have a good time however while Andy is showing Erin the liquor cabinet it is revealed that Walter Jr. is inside! Andy is happy to have his brother on board and asks him if he would like to join his crew.

Oscar feels bad about what he did to Kevin and decides to confess to Toby that the numbers he turned in were false. Toby then confides in Oscar that he was pressured to determine the Scranton Strangler guilty back when he was on trial.

Jim plays a detective on the radio show and convinces Dwight that due to the stock failures facing Dunder-Miflin, David has gone insane and kidnapped a mailman and is holding him hostage inside his house. The plan backfires when Dwight decides to call David and convince him to let the mailman go.

Andy and Walter Jr. set sail and leave Erin on the docks. Erin appears dissapointed as she really wanted to go along.

Jim, Pam, Nellie, and Darryl listen as Dwight calls David Wallace and talks to him as though he is insane and tells him to "let the mailman go...". David dismisses his call as nonsense and hangs up much to the relief of the staff. They congragulate Dwight when he comes out of the conference room. Dwight claims the call went exactly as expected.

When the Senator comes in and puts a hand on Oscar's shoulder causing him to get a little nervous, Kevin almost reveals that Oscar and the Senator are having an affair. Kevin stops himself though and Oscar admits he is proud of Kevin.

With Andy gone, Pete offers if Erin would like to go to Poor Richard's and meet his friends. Erin, dissapointed that Andy left her behind, agrees.

Cultural references

  • Dwight emitates selling paper to actor Brad Pitt.
  • Dwight claims that the radio is using Gotcha journalism, but they will not be able to "gotch" [sic] him.
  • In order to cover up for Oscar, Kevin starts chanting "U-S-A!", a reference to a popular Olympic chant.

Connections to previous episodes

  • When Oscar admits that he lied to Toby, Toby goes on a tangential rant about the Scranton Strangler, a reference to a minor plot development that had occurred during the show's sixth and seventh seasons.

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Josh Groban as Walter Bernard Jr.

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