The Benihana Trio is an informal name for three waitresses who appear in the episode A Benihana Christmas. They are all waitresses at Benihana's, where Andy brings Michael to cope with being dumped by Carol. The three women only appear in this episode, as Nikki blows Michael off at the end of it.



Nikki was the Benihana waitress who was Michael's date for the Christmas parties at the office after his breakup with Carol in the episode A Benihana Christmas. He gives her his old bicycle that he was going to donate to the poor. Michael often confused her with her friend, Amy. She was played by Kulap Vilaysack.



Amy was the Benihana waitress who was Andy's date for the Christmas parties. Michael mistook her for his date several times throughout the episode. She was played by Kathrien Ahn.



Cindy was Michael, Andy, Jim and Dwight's waitress while eating at Benihana. Michael had intended to ask her out, but ended up with Nikki. Greg Daniels explains that the implied joke was that he asked her out, but she shot him down, so Michael asked out two "less attractive" waitressesTemplate:Citation needed. She was played by Brittany Ishibashi. 

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