The 3rd Floor is a splatter horror movie created, produced and directed by Ryan Howard. The trailer of the movie was seen in The Office: The 3rd Floor.


A gypsy cursed Dunder Mifflin Scranton and its 3rd floor with a murderer made from parts of other serial killers after Kelly Kapoor insulted her. The Killer killed 3 people. The renovator told Kelly that during renovations,Dunder Mifflin got a new basement making this the 3rd floor.


Cultural references

  • The Gypsy cackled like the Count from Sesame Street.
  • The cop yelled "It's alive!" when the Killer showed up. The quote was used in Frankenstein.


  • The rating sign says: The Following Preview Has Been Approved by the Motion Picture Association of Evil And Is Suitable For Sadistic Audiences Only. Watch At Your Own Risk.
  • When the date says: TBD, Gabe commented, "3rd floor's the harm!"


  • Ryan Howard also composed the music.
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