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"Test the Store" is the seventeenth episode of the eighth season of the American comedy television series The Office and the show's 169th episode overall. The episode was written by Mindy Kaling and directed by Brent Forrester. It aired on NBC in the United States on March 1, 2012.

"Test the Store" contains many cultural allusions, including several to the NBC action-comedy series Chuck. The episode received mixed reviews from critics. According to the Nielsen Media Research, "Test the Store" was viewed by an estimated 4.95 million viewers and received a 2.5 rating/7% share among adults between the ages of 18 and 49. The episode ranked first in its time slot and was also ranked as the highest-rated NBC program of the night.


At the Sabre store opening, Dwight Schrute attempts to put on a theatrical presentation to impress Nellie Bertram. Dwight assigns the members of his team various tasks: Erin is to act as a disaffected hipster named Tabitha, to create hype for the Sabre Pyramid, Cathy is to flirt with the bloggers, Ryan is to give a presentation to wow the critics, Todd Packer is to play the part of a sexual predator — much to Packer's chagrin.

As the grand opening progresses, things begin to fall apart. Several bloggers notice Jim not using his Sabre Arrowhead phone, resulting in a reprimand from Nellie. Erin disappears with a group of seniors after Dwight drives them away, fearing their age will frighten the youth. Finally, Ryan has a panic attack and, after being consoled by Dwight and Jim — who imitate Kelly and his mother respectively in an attempt to calm him down — leaves to go to his parents' house. Jim is forced to give the presentation, which, despite a rocky start, impresses the crowd. After the opening, Dwight is named VP by Nellie.

Back in Scranton, Andy tries to protect Pam from a group of kids who are throwing pine cones at her, and a young girl, Tiffany, punches him in the eye. Andy tells a false story about stepping in when a "gang" harassed Pam, and Toby arranges a meeting in the conference room to discuss self-defense. Andy is then humiliated when Tiffany is brought in by her mother and half-apologizes to him and Pam. However, after a provoked Kelly begins physically harassing Toby, Andy steps in between the two to break the fight up, resulting in his other eye being blackened. The rest of the office laughs but shuts up when Andy points out he got hit twice because he defended other people who were being attacked. The episode concludes with Andy noting that he took a bunch of pain medication, drank a half a bottle of wine, and took his pants off, thus greatly improving his feelings as the day ends.

Deleted scenes

  • Andy wanted Oscar to talk to his maid, Teresa. Oscar talked to Teresa in Spanish, and then Andy had Oscar fire her. After Oscar talked to Teresa on the phone, Andy told Oscar to come back because Teresa still had Andy's keys.
  • Nellie noticed the line formed already and the store doesn't open in an hour.
  • Nellie told the crew she went to church to pray this morning. Dwight told Jim both of them were in a Latino church, but Dwight made it all up.
  • Erin was hired as the hipster because of the pyramid and Stanley will pose as Lenny Kravitz. When they looked at a photo of Lenny, Erin believed Stanley looks like Al Roker's brother.
  • Nellie declared she wanted people to believe everything is possible.
  • Stanley was corrected that Matt Roker was named Chris. Stanley claimed he is Raven-Symone's father, Toucan-Symone.
  • Ryan misses Scranton. Every night in Tallahassee, he gets drunk and watches porn. For some reason, Ryan didn't enjoy the way he did it in Scranton.
  • Jim says he is not a performer. His mom thought that was funny because Jim did voice impressions.
  • Cathy tells the documentary crew that "Jim and I had an experience in his hotel room," then angrily adds, "We just need to have a conversation to clear the air and figure out what it is that we both want from this."
  • While working at the store, Todd Packer hits on Cathy by saying, "A little birdie tells me that you're kind of a nympho," says that Jim is "queer for his wife", and offers to have rough sex with her. Cathy is disgusted and leaves. Packer sees an Asian woman and says to himself, "Mmm, Thai food."
  • In a talking head interview, Jim asks the documentary crew to consider if "that crazy girl in high school" went to college and majored in Crazy, and then got a doctorate in Bonkers, interned at the Loony Bin, and then worked at the desk next to you. "And her name's Cathy."


  • The single mom is played by comedian Tig Notaro. Her role in this episode is non-comedic, but it suits her deadpan comedic delivery.

Cultural references

  • Chuck Bartowski, the main character from the NBC action-comedy show Chuck, is referenced several times and used to promote the Sabre Pyramid.
  • A hipster is a term used to define a subculture of young, middle class adults and older teenagers. Hipsters are stereotypically portrayed as wearing non-conforming outfits as well as large, thick rimmed glasses.
  • Basildon is a working-class town in England. Nellie briefly speaks with the region's Cockney accent when discussing her past.
  • Nellie claims that she tried out for the Spice Girls, but failed to secure a call-back for "the black one."
  • Erin mispronounces "Zooey Deschanel at the Coachella music festival".
  • Todd Packer says that he's playing "the long game", meaning that he has a plan that will take a long time to execute.
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a science fiction movie from the 1980s featuring a friendly alien visitor trapped on earth. In the movie, the character expresses a fondness for Reese's Pieces candy.
  • 18505 is the postal code ("ZIP Code") for Scranton. Darryl gives the more precise "ZIP+4" code 18505-7427 for the Dunder Mifflin Scranton office. In real life, that extended code has not been assigned.
  • Ryan shouts "No, s—t Sherlock," an idiomatic angry response when someone states what appears to be obvious.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder and CEO of Facebook.
  • Bill Gates is the co-founder and longtime CEO of Microsoft, stepping down in 2008.
  • Ryan calls his uncle to get a prescription for Ritalin, a drug for treating attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.
  • Irene says she'll go to Costco, a chain of warehouse-style stores.
  • During Jim's presentation, the opening of the song "Clocks" by the British rock band Coldplay is played.
  • Cars 2 is a 2011 Disney/Pixar movie.
  • Kevin mentions the Gremlins and "Chucky the doll" as examples of things that are "little, but dangerous."


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