The Superbowl Promos were promotional messages from the office staff about the superbowl. They are included as bonus features in the Season 8 DVD.


The office staff talk about their excitement to see the commercials during the commercial breaks. Robert California mentions his dislike towards them. Ryan asks what Robert would like to see instead and Robert begins to describe his ideal commercial of a young woman, mid 20's (later changes it to mid 60's) walking down the street and men are dropping to their knees in lust. She is grocery shopping and she drops her groceries and as she bends over her sweater slightly unfastens. She then looks at the camera and says "This was all part of your plan wasn't it Robert?" or whatever the viewers name would be. When Kevin asks how the commercial is different for each person who watches it, Robert replies "I don't know, I don't watch television".


Kevin shows the cameras his 49 layered dip. He begins listing them all however Andy comes in and gives Kevin an assighnment causing Kevin to lose track and have to start over.

Get PumpedEdit

Ed Helms and Ellie Kemper try to get viewers pumped about the Superbowl.

Have FunEdit

John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson tell people who are going to watch the Superbowl live to enjoy the game.


John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson appear together again. Rainn Wilson advises people going to the game to enjoy the many museums in Indianapolis however it is revealed to be a plot so that Rainn can take the spot of someone who leaves to go to one. John tells him that it is unlikely someone would abandon it to go to a museum.

I am a FanEdit

John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Ed Helms, Ellie Kemper, Brian Baumgartner, Oscar Nunez, and B.J. Novak all say "I am a Fan!" in separate talking head interviews.

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