Subtle Sexuality: The Replacement is the second episode of The Office webseries The Office: Subtle Sexuality. It was written by Nate Federman and Jonathan Hughes and directed by Mindy Kaling who made her directorial debut with these webisodes.

The episode aired on October 29, 2009.


Erin explains that Kelly and Ryan are fighting. Erin tries to convince Kelly that she can do it, and then Kevin asks if he can be Ryan's replacement, however, Kelly offers him to hold the camera. Andy, taking interest, sings, and Erin and Kelly go to see him. Andy explains that he auditioned, and was accepted. Kelly teaches Andy and Erin how to dance. Ryan, angirly, comes in asking how Kelly can make out with Andy. Kelly tells Ryan that she'll be thinking about him while kissing Andy, and they make-out themselves.


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