For the Subtle Sexuality Webisodes see The Office: Subtle Sexuality.

  • # of members: 4
  • Songs: "Male Prima Donna", "The Girl Next Door"
  • iTunes Rank: #4

Subtle Sexuality (Club) Edit

Kelly and Erin started the girl group Subtle Sexuality, they have made a music video. The song is called "Male Prima Donna" featuring The Nard Dog, introducing Mr. Understood, Andy edits.

Andy is The Nard Dog, Ryan is Mr. Understood. Male Primmadona was filmed by Kevin Malone. Although Ryan quit in the beginning he came back and was featured in the song, while Andy was given a smaller role than he was told.

Kelly thinks that she will soon go solo without co-founder Erin, like Beyonce. Erin tells Kelly that she can do whatever she wants and that she is so talented. Erin and Kelly created Subtle Sexuality while the rest of the office was away at software training.

iTunes RankEdit

  • At its peak, the song by Subtle Sexuality, "Male Prima Donna" became the Number 1 music video, and the Number 4 song. A remix was made which was less subtle, apparently, and also longer. It became a massive hit on the charts.
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