Teri Hudson is Stanley Hudson's second wife, and Stanley occasionally hints that their marriage is rocky. Michael Scott occasionally references that Stanley and Teri are an interracial couple. In the episode Gossip it is revealed that Stanley is cheating on Teri with his nurse, Cynthia. Michael reveals this to Teri accidentally at the end of Gossip. It is never directly confirmed that Teri and Stanley separated but it can be assumed because Stanley and Cynthia are seen together as a couple in later episodes, but Stanley's New Years resolution in "The Ultimatum" is to be a better husband and boyfriend. Andy also implies that they are still together in "The List" When he tells Robert California that Stanley is in in two long-term relationships. In Stairmageddon, he mentions to Pam that Stanley and Teri are still together while he is still with Cynthia and a third woman, Lydia who neither of them know about. In Finale, they officially divorce and Stanley retires, moving to Florida. Status: Divorced

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