Serenity by Jan is a company started by former VP of Northeastern Sales for Dunder Mifflin, Jan Levinson. She keeps her candles in her home and also works from there. Jan is still in the candle business.("Baby Shower")


It has been reported that the candles are nauseatingly terrible smelling according to Jim Halpert during a dinner party at Jan and Michael Scott's house. Apparently, Jan makes $0 a year plus benefits. (Michael Scott and Jan Levinson no longer live together). ("Dinner Party")


Volume 1

  • Wide Awake: Coffee
  • Bonfire: Hazelnut
  • Cinnamon Kiss: Cinnamon Stick
  • New Milk: Vanilla

Volume 2

  • Merlot Morning: Merlot
  • Enchantmint: Peppermint
  • Hunter Green: Apple Spice
  • Bottled Water: Cucumber/Melon

Volume 3

  • Denim: Clean Laundry
  • Leather: Leather
  • Bonfire: Hazelnut
  • Serenity: Relaxation Blend

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