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Scrantonicity is a Police cover band with Kevin as the drummer and lead singer. The name of the band is a portmanteau of Scranton, PA and the 1983 Police album Synchronicity.

Before Scrantonicity

In a deleted scene from the "Pilot", Kevin mentions in a talking head interview that he likes his current job because it leaves his evenings free, because he is in a band.

In a deleted scene from "Basketball", Kevin tells Dwight that he can't come to work on Saturday because he's in a Steve Miller tribute band.

In a deleted scene from "Hot Girl", Kevin tries to flirt with Katy by mentioning that he's in a Steve Miller tribute band. She is not impressed.

In "Conflict Resolution", Kevin asks Pam if she has found a band for her wedding. "'Cause I'm in a band. We really rock."


In "Casino Night", Jim and Pam discover Scrantonicity performing "Don't Stand So Close to Me" among the videos of bands being considered for Pam and Roy's wedding. Later in the episode, Roy unilaterally hires Scrantonicity for the wedding.

In a deleted scene from "Diwali", Kevin tries to convince Kelly's parents to consider Scrantonicity for Diwali 2007.

Scrantonicity has performed at three weddings: Their bassist's wedding, their guitarist's wedding, and Phyllis' wedding. In "Phyllis' Wedding", the band performs several songs by The Police, including "Roxanne", "Message in a Bottle", "Every Breath You Take", and (with Karen on vocals) "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic". They also perform "You Were Meant for Me" by Jewel, and Sting's "Fields of Gold" because Roy paid them to.

After Scrantonicity

In "Money", Kevin announces that he is no longer a member of Scrantonicity. He is in a new band Scrantonicity II, named after the Police song "Synchronicity II", on the album Synchronicity.

In "Branch Wars", Andy explains that his goal is to get into the office's most exclusive club, The Finer Things Club, with the Party Planning Committee as his backup and Kevin's band as his safety.

Band Members

Amusing details

  • In "Phyllis' Wedding", the band logo is printed on the front of the bass drum, It is a police badge with the band's name written in front. The logo is a police badge because it is a Police cover band.

Behind the scenes

  • In the "Casino Night" script, Kevin's band was a Steve Miller tribute band named "Jokers & Tokers". The scene was recorded with Brian Baumgartner singing and pretending to play the drums (not yet having learned to play them for real). The show could not obtain permission from Steve Miller to use the song, so it was changed in post-production to a Police tribute band, with Brian Baumgartner dubbing himself. (The new vocals clearly do not match the video.) Mindy Kaling came up with the name Scrantonicity. The show had to make other adjustments, such as dubbing the new band name into existing dialogue and reshooting the scene where Jim plays the tape, so that the label on the tape reads Scrantonicity.[1]


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