Throughout the series the Conference Room of the Scranton Branch has been used for an array of different purposes..

Parties and social purposesEdit

Work related purposesEdit

  • In "Health Care", it is used as Dwight's workspace.
  • In "Diversity Day", it is used for a diversity seminar.
  • In The Fight", it is used by Michael to tell Dwight he is promoting him from Assistant to the Regional Manager to Assistant Regional Manager.
  • In "Business Ethics", it is used for a business ethics seminar.
  • In "New Boss", it is used as Charles Miner's workspace.
  • In "Saint Patrick's Day", it is used as Jo Bennet's workspace.
  • In "Search Committee", it is used by Jim, Toby, and Gabe to interview applicants for the Regional Managers position.
  • In "The List", it is used as Robert California's workspace.
  • In "The Whale" it is used as a place for the women of the office to coach Dwight on how to treat women clients respectfully.

Avoiding work purposesEdit

  • In "Stress Relief", it is used as a yoga room.
  • In "Lecture Circuit", it is used as Kelly's nap room.
  • In "The Coup", it is used as a movie theater.

Production purposesEdit

  • Throughout the series the conference room is used as an interview room; exceptions do exist however. In "The Deposition", all interviews are done in the Annex, as the conference room is taken up by Jim's ping pong table or if the office is on a trip/outing.
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