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The Sabre Printer Whistleblowing Incident was an incident where four whistleblower workers of Dunder Mifflin Sabre (Andy Bernard, Pam Beesly, Darryl Philbin, and Kelly Kapoor) squealed on Sabre's defective printers.


Whistleblower Reason for Whistleblowing Confidant
Andy Bernard Detective Drive/Good-Heartedness The Internet
Pam Beesly Jealousy/Envy Daycare Friend
Darryl Philbin Sadness/Attractiveness Stranger Woman
Kelly Kapoor Uncontrollable Sharing Social Media Websites

As shown from the table above, each whistleblower had a reason for whistleblowing and a confidant. Andy Bernard wanted to find out more about the defective printers and wanted to protect printer users- He told the internet. Pam Beesly was jealous of another Mom at Pam's daughter, Cecelia Halpert's daycare, after the woman raved all about her trip to Vietnam. Darryl Philbin was very sad and was convinced to reveal his secret by a girl at a bar, and Kelly Kapoor claimed she couldn't contain herself and blabbed all about the printers on various social media websites.

Whistleblowing Investigation

Jo Bennett and Gabe Lewis both investigated the matter, both by private interviews and questionnaires. Jo Bennett didn't come to a conclusion on the whistleblowing case, while Gabe Lewis concluded that it had to be Andy, which caused backlash from several employees who were happy to have someone to be upset at for the Whistleblowing. When the IT guy, Nick, went on a wild rant before he left Pennsylvania, he revealed that Andy was the whistleblower as well, causing Pam, Darryl, and Kelly to feel guilty while the rest of the office workers started to mistreat Andy.

Whistleblowing Consequence

Jo Bennett seemed to want to be vicious and cruel to the whistleblowers, but Michael Scott, who wanted to protect his employees, defended them and volunteered to be the one at the press conference for the whistleblowing, causing Jo to go easy on them. She never did find out the whistleblowers, actually.

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