Roy Anderson is a fictional character on The Office and is played by David Denman. He is based on Lee, a man engaged to Pam's UK counterpart, Dawn Tinsley.

It is implied that Roy and Pam's relationship is somewhat mismatched. Roy is overprotective to the point of aggression in a few scenes. He occasionally is inconsiderate of Pam's opinions and doesn't like to listen to her "feelings" all the time.

Season 1 Edit

Roy worked in the warehouse and was engaged to Pam("Pilot") Roy was at Michael's Basketball game. ("Basketball") Roy pushes Jim to stay away from Pam. ("The Alliance") Roy suggested to Jim to talk to Katy. ("Hot Girl")

Season 2 Edit

While watching video footage of past Dundie awards, Pam watches Roy accept a Dundie for "Longest Engagement" when Pam is too embarrassed to accept it. Roy later attends the award show with her. However, he and Darryl later leave. Pam eventually decides to stay after getting into an argument with Roy. ("The Dundies")

Michael goes down to the warehouse and asks Darryl and Roy for a joke he could use. The two start making jokes about Michael instead and eventually embarrasses Michael away. Roy, Darryl and several other warehouse workers along with Michael later watch a video on sexual harassment and Roy finds it funny when Darryl recognizes an actress as someone he slept with. Later on, when Pam's mom comes, Jim goes up to meet her however upon Roy's entrance, Jim backs away. Roy had combed his hair and was wearing a sweater and appears to be somewhat of a kiss up to Pam's mom. He tells them he is taking them out to dinner before heading down to his truck to get it ready. ("Sexual Harassment")

During the fire, Roy hangs out with the warehouse crew but later goes to hang out with Jim and Pam saying that "sometimes the warehouse guys can be real jackasses". He plays "who would you do" with the office staff and asked who he would do, Pam expects him to say her name but instead describes Angela leading to a very awkward introduction to the two. When Jim jokes that he would do Kevin and Michael awkwardly jokes he would do Ryan, Roy laughs calling them all gay. He stands around and talks to Pam and other staff members for the rest of the episode and later gives Jim a thumbs up upon seeing Katie. Pam kisses him later in the episode to make Jim jealous. ("The Fire")

When Roy goes to take Pam home she tells him that they'll be working late tonight. Roy then leaves. ("The Client")

Jim asks Pam if Roy will be going with her to his party and he seems relieved when Pam says that he can't make it. ("Email Surveillance")

Roy attends the Christmas party and he seems happy when Pam got an iPod as he doesn't have to now. After Pam ultimately loses the iPod during the gift swap, Roy buys her a cheaper knockoff brand. Pam leaves to hang out with Jim as Roy and Darryl talk about sports the whole party. Roy and Ryan later help carry a drunken Todd Packer out of the party. ("Christmas Party")

Roy goes on the booze cruise with the office staff. He and Pam hang out with Jim and Katie. Roy later gets drunk and upon hearing the story of how Captain Jack married his first wife after he got back on shore after Desert Storm, Roy is inspired to set a date for his and Pam's wedding much to Jim's disappointment. ("Booze Cruise")

Michael and the rest of the office staff go down to the warehouse to visit the warehouse staff. Roy seems confused when Michael tries to give him and Pam their celebrity name. He later confronts Jim about him having feelings for Pam but seems relieved that Jim is there to keep her company. Roy later watches in horror with the rest of the warehouse crew when Michael trashes the warehouse. Roy later joins the union that Darryl proposes, however, the union is disbanded when Jan intervenes. ("Boys and Girls")

Season 3 Edit

Office roymugshot

Between seasons two and three, Pam has left Roy, causing him to hit rock bottom, which involved getting a DUI. He eventually begins dating Pam again, and they are shown dancing together at Phyllis' Wedding. He attends Pam's art show with his brother in Business School, though his brother doesn't seem to care much. At Poor Richard's Pam decides she needs to come clean with Roy if they are going to "make it." When she starts to tell him about the casino night kiss with Jim he gets extremely angry and throws his glass against the wall. Pam leaves after telling Roy that the relationship is over, and Roy proceeds to trash the bar with his brother in an uncontrolled rage.("Cocktails") Roy then tries to attack Jim but instead is sprayed with pepper spray by Dwight. He is promptly fired but then encourages Pam not to give up on Jim.("The Negotiation")

Season 5 Edit

Jim runs into Roy at Poor Richard's in Crime Aid. Roy appears to have accepted Jim and Pam's relationship, congratulating Jim on their engagement.

Season 7 Edit

Roy acted as a hostage in Threat Level Midnight & Threat Level Midnight: The Movie.

Season 9Edit

Roy at some point becomes the owner of a gravel company and becomes rich. He also meets a girl, Laura, who he believes to be his waitress and soon realizes she owns the restaurant. The two get married and he invites Jim, Pam, Darryl, Phyllis and Bob Vance to his wedding. He impresses Jim and Pam with his vast wealth and newfound sophistication, even learning to play the piano and sing. However, upon seeing the constant pleasant surprises he displays to his new bride it leaves Jim and Pam wondering if they have any surprises left in their marriage.("Roy's Wedding")


Trivia Edit

  • For Valentine's Day, he planned to give Pam "the best sex of her life." Pam was less than enthusiastic.
  • Roy had discouraged Pam's interest in art.
  • Roy also has a sister, mentioned in "The Convention", who once attempted to adopt a Chinese baby.
  • Roy drives a Ford Ranger pickup in season one. In season two he drives a Dodge Ram pickup.
  • Roy is one of the best basketball players in the warehouse but was repeatedly shown up by Jim during the staff game after he made a "cheap shot" on Jim with an elbow to the face.
  • As seen in "Crime Aid", Roy now works at The Vitamin Store, which appears to be a fictitious version of The Vitamin Shoppe, having a similar logo design seen on Roy's shirt.
  • Had Pam and Roy gotten married Pam's married name would have been Pamela Anderson.
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