The Regional Manager’s office is a room in every branch of Dunder Mifflin, which contains his or her desk, computer, etc. This office typically had windows which allowed the manager to view operations of their branch. The manager would use this office to conduct meetings with clients, private conversations and performance reviews with employees, and in some cases host smaller meetings.

Scranton Branch

The Regional Manager’s office at The Scranton Branch is a green room next to the entrance. There are large windows on the front wall to allow the manager to oversee operations of the Branch. There is a smaller window facing the entrance hallway, as well as one outside facing window. This office had a large wooden desk with a phone and a computer. There are also three guest chairs for employees and clients meeting with the manager. Owners of this office include Henry Rostock, Ed Truck, Michael Scott, Charles Minor (temporary arrangement), Jim Halpert (during brief time as sole regional manager), Deangelo Vickers, Creed Bratton (as acting manager), Robert California (never actually used), Andy Bernard, Nellie Bertram, and Dwight Schrute.

At one point the Scranton Branch had two regional manager’s offices. The existing one was still being used by Co-Manager Michael Scott, while a new office was built for newly promoted Co-Manager Jim Halpert. When Jim was returned to sales, Gabe Lewis briefly deemed this his own, before Jo Bennett gave it to Darryl Philbin.

Stamford Branch

The Stamford Branch had an office for the Regional Manager behind the desks of the sales staff. The front wall was almost completely glass. This lets the Regional Manager view the sales staff. This office had a desk, a computer, a phone, and a few guest chairs. The only known owner of this office is Josh Porter.

Utica Branch

Dunder Mifflin’s Utica Branch had a reasonably sized office for the Regional Manager. This office was located in the back of the Utica Branch. This is the only office of a branch manager that does not have windows facing the employees of the Branch. This office contains a desk, a phone, a computer, and a sofa for guests. The only known owner of this office is Karen Fillipelli.

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