Rashida Leah Jones (born February 25, 1976) portrayed Karen Filippelli on The Office.

Coming to The Office

Jenna Fischer read a made-up scene with the three final candidates for the role of Karen Filippelli, and she knew instantly that Rashida Jones was the one. "I didn't even feel like I had to work hard in my scenes with her," feeling an instant chemistry. Jones herself was nervous about her role and feared that she was at risk of losing it, unaware that the rest of the crew knew she was "the one".[1]

When Rashida Jones joined the cast of The Office, the other cast members were in awe of her. For the first several episodes, the Scranton staff had no scenes with her, so the only time they would see her would be at the table read. That didn't stop Jenna Fischer (Pam) from inviting Jones to her trailer and "peppering her with questions".[1]

Rashida Jones was nervous that people would hate her, because her character was an interloper in the evolving Jim/Pam relationship. At the time, viewers had split into "Team Karen" and "Team Pam" factions.

Post-Office connections

Greg Daniels was asked to create a spin-off of The Office, and he enlisted the assistance of former Office writer Michael Schur to develop the idea. Rashida Jones was among the first actors to be cast in the new show, even before it was even decided what the new show was going to be about, or whether it would be a spin-off or a separate show. That show became Parks and Recreation, in which Rashida Jones played the prominent role of Ann Perkins.[2]


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