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Presbyterianism is a part of the Reformed tradition of Protestantism, which has its origins to the United Kingdom, particularly Scotland

Andy, Michael and Jim in the religion discussion in "Fun Run".

Season 4

It is revealed in The Office's season 4 premiere Fun Run, during the discussion about why the employees might have a "curse" put over them, that Pam and Darryl practice the Presbyterian faith. Also in this discussion, we learn that Stanley is CatholicPhyllis is a LutheranBob Vance is a UnitarianKelly is HinduSadiq is a Sikh, and that Creed is a cult leader and follower.

Season 6

Spruce Avenue Presbyterian Church, the church where Jim and Pam get married in "Niagara" is a Presbyterian church, further proving that Pam is a Presbyterian.

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