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Pizza by Alfredo is a pizzeria located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.


According to all Employees, except for Michael, Pizza by Alfredo is perhaps the worst eatery known, with poorly made entrees and terrible service. Notable examples, as seen in Launch Party, is the delivery boy, who is apathetic about the customer as well as the management of the franchise. Apparently, Michael seems to be the only person interested in their food. This is further supported by a deleted scene/outtake from Launch Party where Michael orders pizza from the eatery and everyone else, besides Michael, has a psychotic breakdown of sorts, ranging from Dwight screaming to Oscar twitching on the floor.

Kevin refers to this establishment's pizza as "a hot circle of garbage".

Seen in[]

  • Launch Party - Michael orders pizza from here as opposed to the favoured Alfredo's Pizza Cafe. However, he becomes infuriated when the restaurant and the delivery boy refuses to acknowledge the coupons he has and takes the delivery boy hostage.