Pete Miller and Erin Hannon is a co-worker who later started dating upon taking interest to each other.


Almost a second Jim-and-Pam relationship, Pete, who is a customer service rep, is interested in Erin, the receptionist, whilst she is dating Andy. However, the relationship progresses much faster and the two become a couple shortly after Pete tells Erin he is interested in her and after Andy abandoned Erin to go sailing with his younger brother. Essentially a newer, slightly altered Jim and Pam relationship, turning Andy into a reflection of Roy. You can start to see how Erin gets into Pete in The Target, when he sticks up for Kevin about making mistakes. Andy finds out that Pete and Erin are dating in Season 9 episode 16, Moving On. He is angry that Pete stole his girlfriend and makes both Pete and Erin uncomfortable by hiring their ex-lovers in the same episode. In season 9 episode 23, "The Finale", Pete and Erin are seen dancing together.

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