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Scranton is located in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Throughout the series there are references to Pennsylvania's cities, landmarks, bodies of water, and places of interest.

  • In the episode, "The Injury" Michael has Ryan go to a gas station in Carbondale, Pa for pudding (he also asks if they had yams). According to Google Maps Carbondale is about 26 minutes away from Scranton.
  • In the episode, "Grief Counseling" Jim helps Karen get a bag of Herr's chips. Herr's is located in Nottingham, Pa.
  • In the episode, "The Convention" the convention takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center which is located in Philadelphia, Pa.
  • In the episode, "Beach Games" the office employees (except for Toby) go to Lake Scranton, which is located about 5 miles out of the city.
  • In the episode, "Money" there is a decorative throw blanket that shows notable places in Scranton, Pa that can be seen on the couch at Schrute Farm. The date 1866 can be seen.
  • In the episode, "Job Fair" the job fair is held at Valley View High School which is located in Archbald, Pa. According to Google Maps Valley View High School is about 23 mintues from Scranton.
  • In the episode, "The Cover Up" Michael says that he and Donna went to the Pocono Mountains which are located in eastern Pa.
  • In the webisode, "Subtle Sexuality" Ryan, aka Mr. Understood, mentions Lackawanna, which is the county in Pa where Scranton is found.
  • In the episode "Koi Pond" Andy mentions Clearview Avenue. There seems to be a Clearview Street but not a Clearview Avenue in Scranton, Pa.
  • The nearest Chili's is in Wilkes-Barre, Pa, about a half-hour's drive away from Scranton.
  • In "Branch Closing", Angela mentions not wanting to drive all the way to Dumore, according to Google Maps Dunmore is about 2 and a half miles away from Scranton.
  • In "Health Care" Michael calls the Lakawanna Coal mine for information. This is an actual place you can tour in that area of Pa.