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Pam Beesly wears a specific pink cardigan sweater in episodes in which it is suggested that she recently had sex.

  • In "The Carpet", she wears the pink cardigan after returning from a vacation in the Poconos with Roy. She hesitates to answer when Michael asks if she "got lucky". When Jim asks if she did a lot of skiing, Pam enigmatically replies, "A little."
  • In "PDA", Pam wears the pink cardigan. She and Jim plot a tryst in the utility room. Afterward, Pam says that she and Jim "took a walk". She nervously touches her hair and face, and then adds a knowing smile.

In this pair of images from "PDA" and "Livin' the Dream", it is more clear that the sweaters are identical, with the same distinct button.

Other appearances of the luck pink cardigan:

  • In "Customer Loyalty", Pam wears the sweater to Cece's recital and then to work afterward, a possible allusion to the private moment she shares with Brian at the end of the episode.