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Oscar San Juan Martinez, is a fictional character played by Oscar Nunez on The Office.

Season 1:

Oscar is Mexican-American, son of parents born in Mexico. Quote from Oscar: "I'm an accountant at a failing paper company in Scranton."

Season 2:

After some hints that he might be gay, we find out he indeed is when Dwight spies on Oscar's house to see if his sick day is legitimate. Dwight sees Oscar arrive home from shopping with a man (his boyfriend Gil). Later, in Oscar's living room, all three watch TV on the sofa with Dwight in the middle while Oscar and Gil hold hands behind Dwight's back. Dwight apparently has no idea what's going on with Oscar.

Oscar plays "Hate Ball" with Kevin. They named the game "Hate Ball" because Angela hates it so much.

He seems to have developed a friendly relationship with Creed ("Christmas Party," "The Carpet") and says that Creed "is a pretty interesting guy".

In The Client, Oscar tells of a time where he was on a first date with a woman who had done a background check on him, showing that he used to date women before coming to terms with his sexuality.

Season 3:

Oscar and Gil went on a three month vacation to Europe on Dunder-Mifflin's tab after Michael accidently outed him and, in an attempt to make Oscar feel better and show the rest of the employees that he was not homophobic, kissed Oscar in front of everyone in the conference room.  

In the season finale, Oscar mentioned that he was planning on breaking up with Gil.

Season 4

Oscar speaks Spanish fluently, using it in Night Out to explain to the Spanish speaking cleaning crew that the office staff had been locked in the parking lot.

Season 5

Oscar continues to speak Spanish fluently, using it in Stress Relief, he rants about Michael at his roast. He accompanys Michael and Andy to Canada in Business Trip.

Season 6

In Secret Santa, Oscar has a crush on another worker in the warehouse named Matt, and Pam tries setting them up. In the episode Happy Hour, Oscar shows up hours before the building even opens just to say hello to Matt. He suggests to Darryl that the office and warehouse employees all go out for a happy hour after work, where Oscar tries to interact with Matt and the other warehouse guys. Darryl later tells Oscar that "Matt is a great guy, but he's a dummy" and that they have nothing in common.


  • Oscar actually told Michael that he was gay during his job interview. This caused Michael to laugh uncontrollably and he hired him on the spot. (Interestingly, there are allusions to Oscar being straight in The Fire and The Client, although this could be him trying to hide it.)
  • Oscar joined the Party Planning Committee to help plan his own "Welcome Back" party.
  • Oscar is a member of the exclusive "Finer Things Club". He feels that, besides having sex with men, the Finer Things Club is the gayest thing about him.
  • Oscar takes a Bikram Yoga class in Dickson City (which he recommended to Holly in Weight Loss).
  • The shooting location for Oscar's house (seen in The Secret) is actually 5232 Longridge Ave, Los Angeles.

Recurring jokes

Oscar talks on his cell phone a lot.

  • In Basketball, Oscar talks on the phone while the others play basketball.
  • In Hot Girl, Oscar is on the phone when Michael shows Katy around.
  • In The Fire, Oscar is on the phone when the fire alarm rings. He continues talking on the phone as he leaves the office.
  • In Email Surveillance, Oscar talks on the phone as he leaves work to avoid having to tell Michael where he's going.


Oscar appears and has lines in every episode, with the following exceptions:

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