2006 Winter Olympics

During the 2006 Winter Olympics, a series of promotional commercials aired advertising the return of The Office. These Olympics promos are included on the Season 2 DVD.

The Promos

  • At an ice skating rink, Michael, adorned in a full hockey uniform, asks Phyllis, Meredith, Angela, and Ryan if they are familiar with ice dancing. He then asks who will be his partner. Needless to say, Ryan ends up ice skating with Michael.
  • Toby innocently skates around the rink, when he is suddenly checked into the wall by Michael.
  • At the office, Michael tells Pam how much he likes the Olympics because it gets us together with foreign people, similar to the foreign people in the office. Pam tells him nobody is foreign, but Michael thinks Oscar might be. Pam goes to tell Oscar and Michael runs away and hides under his desk.
  • Pam talks to Jim about biathlons. Dwight insists he could win a gold medal in that if he shoots his competition.

2008 Summer Olympics

During the 2008 Summer Olympics, various promotional commercials aired anticipating the return of The Office in the fall.

The Promos

  • Slapface (Youtube) aired during the opening ceremonies. Jim asks Dwight how to trademark a new Olympic sport. He explains that his sport is called Slapface, and before Dwight can finish asking what it is, Jim slaps him in the face and announces a score of 1-0 ("game to eleven"). Andy walks over to investigate and is slapped by both Dwight and Jim.
  • Centathlon (TV Week): Dwight scoffs at the decathlon and rattles off events for his 100-event "centathlon," which includes "side jump," "hide the hamster," and "murder checkers."
  • Volleyball (Youtube): In a talking head interview, Michael explains that he enjoys women's volleyball, but not for the reason you think. He simply likes watching beautiful women jumping around on the beach.
  • Pencil Javelin: Dwight builds a javelin out of pencils and hurls it across the office.

2010 Winter Olympics

During the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, NBC heavily promoted the upcoming episode "The Delivery" as well as a less ambitious campaign promoting its coverage of the Olympic Games.

The Promos

  • Poetry in motion: Michael explains that he loves the Winter Olympics because of the sport where "men broom the ice and smack in to one another." He says that it is mesmerizing and that there is no winners or losers, and it is called "curdling."

2012 Summer Olympics

Dwight finishes his work and begins to get up to leave however Jim, holding a stopwatch, tells Dwight he stopped working 20 seconds early. He tells Dwight that if he doesn't stay over night and keep working he will bring shame to his country. Dwight refuses to let this happen and he sits at his desk chanting "USA!" as his coworkers leave and the lights go off.

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