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"Niagara" is a two-part episode of Season 6 of The Office. Because of its extended hour-long runtime, it was considered to be the fourth and fifth episodes in the season's episode count. It was the 104th (and 105th) episode overall. It was written by Greg Daniels and Mindy Kaling, and directed by Paul Feig. It originally aired on October 8, 2009 and was viewed by 9.42 million people.

The highly anticipated episode revolved around the wedding of Jim and Pam at Niagara Falls.

Cold open

In the cold open, Pam asks the office to avoid pungent foods and scents. Other staff members protest, including Dwight who eats a boiled egg in front of Pam, who in turn, maintaining eye contact, throws up in her bin. Andy throws up having witnessed this, prompting a chain of vomiting involving everyone in the room except Creed and Dwight, who look on with astonishment. Pam gives a look to Dwight as the vomiting continues around the office.


Part One

The staff of Dunder Mifflin Scranton head to Niagara Falls for Jim and Pam's wedding. Everyone except Pam's grandmother, Meemaw, is aware of Pam's pregnancy, so they are told not to mention it. At the pre-wedding dinner, Michael gives an improvised and unscheduled speech, while Jim gives a moving and romantic toast to his soon-to-be wife. However, closing the toast, Jim accidentally alludes to Pam's pregnancy. Both Jim and Michael try to cover up the fact but only embarrass themselves further. In a final bid to salvage the situation, Michael privately tells Meemaw that this kind of behavior should be encouraged nowadays and gives her false hope that the baby will be named after her. While walking to the bar, Pam bumps into Angela who ushers her back to her room, likening a visit to the bar to her kicking the pregnant Pam in the stomach.

Part Two

Andy hosts a dance party in his room later that night. Trying to impress Erin, he punctures his scrotum attempting a split. The guests rouse Pam, the only sober person, to take him to the hospital. Pam reluctantly agrees.

Pam and Jim on the Maid of the Mist

Michael and Dwight look to pick up women at the bar, having prepared extensively for this moment. Dwight, despite talking about gelding horses, is successful in seducing Pam's bridesmaid Isabel. Michael spends the night alone in the ice machine room as he had failed to make a reservation in advance. They eat breakfast to together where Dwight says he isn’t going to talk to Isabel anymore and criticizes her lovemaking.

Prior to the ceremony, Pam's mother Helene is souring the mood while Pam gets ready, complaining about her ex-husband's (and Pam's father) new girlfriend, who is half his age, and asking whether Pam wants to continue with the wedding. Pam accidentally tears her veil and tearfully phones Jim. They meet in private, where Pam expresses her regret over their choice to invite their families and the office staff. Pam is visibly uplifted when Jim cuts off his tie in an effort to console her. They are then seen running away from the church together.

While everyone in the church wonders where they went, Michael and Helene begin to bond over their failed relationships. Dwight callously rebuffs Isabel's attempts at further contact.


Jim and Pam finally return to the church after an hour with no explanation of their absence, and the ceremony begins.

The wedding montage based on the JK Wedding Dance

Michael, Dwight, and others close to Jim and Pam interrupt the ceremony by recreating the dance routines as featured in the JK Wedding Entrance Dance. Despite having asked their guests specifically not to re-enact the video, Jim and Pam react with good humor.

During the dance sequence, a flashback reveals Jim and Pam's adventure during their absence. They are shown boarding the Maid of the Mist, a ferry boat, and being married by the ship's captain below the falls. Jim explains to the camera that he had prepared the ferry marriage in advance after seeing the video, in anticipation of the likely chaos at the ceremony. It being plan C, plan B being the church, and plan A, marrying her a long time ago - "Pretty much the day I met her." The camera then cuts back to Jim holding Pam close to him and with her head on his shoulder, as they look out into the distance at Niagara Falls.

The very end of the episode shows Kevin soothing his feet in the hotel ice machine, while Helene lustfully pulls Michael into her hotel room.

Wedding program

As obtained by Office Tally:

The Marriage Union
Pamela Morgan Beesly
James Duncan Halpert

Parents of the Bride: Helene and William Beesly
Parents of the Groom: Betsy and Gerald Halpert
Grandmother of the Bride: Sylvia Beesly
Maid of Honor: Isabel Rossi
Best Man: Pete Halpert
Sister of the Bride: Penny Beesly
Sister of the Groom: Larisa Halpert
Brothers of the Groom: Pete and Tom Halpert

- Organist......... Steve Rostine
Seating of Grandparents
Seating of Parents
Organ Solo
Marriage Vows
Exchange of Rings

Please join us for a reception immediately following the ceremony in the Cascade Room.

Connections to previous episodes

  • In "Heavy Competition" Pam asks Andy if she'll be walking down the aisle to "You Can Call Me Al," to which Andy responds with "Trust me, you won't be walking, you'll be boogying," which does in fact end up happening.
  • Kevin's shoes are destroyed by hotel staff due to their smell. His bad-smelling feet were referenced in "Diwali" when Angela is disgusted that Kevin took off his shoes at the Diwali festival.
  • This is the second episode where Pam is seen wearing glasses. The first instance was in "Did I Stutter?"
  • Pam's mother was last seen in "Sexual Harassment" but was played by Shannon Cochran. She is played by Linda Purl for the remainder of her appearances in the series.
  • Stanley asks if anyone has room for a toaster. In "Gay Witch Hunt", Stanley says in a talking head that he bought a toaster as a wedding gift for Pam and Roy, and couldn't return it when the wedding was called off. He also gets a toaster for Phyllis in "Phyllis' Wedding" and is peeved when he finds out Jim and Karen brought the same gift.
  • Michael gives a unscheduled and rambling speech at the pre-wedding dinner. In "Phyllis' Wedding" he does the same thing at Bob and Phyllis' wedding dinner. Michael gets cut off mid-speech in both episodes.
  • The montage shot of Pam resting her head against Jim, and Jim smiling to the camera, mirrors one of the earliest interactions on the show between the two, during "Diversity Day." This connection is later specifically highlighted during the "romance montage" of the clip-based episode "The Banker."
  • Stanley brought Cynthia to the wedding, the woman that he is having an affair with as established in "Gossip," instead of his wife, Teri.
  • In "Booze Cruise" when Pam is asked if she wants to get married on the boat she declines and says she wants her parents there when she gets married. However, in this episode Pam gets married on a boat without her parents being there.
  • In "Café Disco" Pam and Jim plan to elope, before deciding to hold a proper wedding. Prior to the ceremony, both begin to doubt this decision.
  • Dwight previously compares himself to a wolf in "Heavy Competition".
  • Jim kicks a soccer ball around with a boy, presumably the ring bearer. In "Dream Team", he mentions that he has no interest in soccer.
  • Jim's brothers Pete and Tom were previously seen in "Employee Transfer".
  • Angela refuses to dance during the procession sequence, instead opting to walk awkwardy down the aisle. She previously mentioned that she does not dance in "Café Disco".


  • The timeline of the baby doesn't add up. In Part 1, Pam has a sensitive stomach and morning sickness, but Dwight says the fetus is 3 ounces, putting it at 16 weeks, which is after morning sickness stops. In Part 2, Pam says she is 5 months, which is almost 22 weeks. It is possible Dwight is wrong about the size of the fetus and the opening scene took place some time prior to the wedding.
  • Dwight complains that Jim and Pam have kept everyone waiting at the church for "over an hour." In this time, Jim and Pam would have had to have travelled to and boarded the boat, been married and returned to the church. They would also have had to have dried out, as they are soaked through on the boat, and someone would have had to have restyled Pam's hair.
  • Pete and Tom approach Michael in the church and ask "are you Michael Scott?", suggesting they haven't previously met. However, by the time Jim and Pam arrive, Pete, Michael, Dwight and the organist have a set of co-ordinated hand signals that instigate their hijacking of the wedding music for the start of the dance.
  • The dance ordering has been re-edited. When Michael dances down the aisle for the first time, Phyllis and Bob approach behind him, but Pete, Tom and their spouses are shown next. Similarly, when Andy and Erin dance, Stanley and Cynthia are visible behind them, but Kelly and Ryan are shown next.
  • Angela says she'll stand outside Pam's hotel room door to ensure she doesn't attempt to leave again. However, she is in attendance at Andy's dance party across the corridor at the time he pierces his scrotum.
  • In a deleted scene, Jim talks in front of the Statler Falls Hotel. The awning of the Red Coach Inn was redressed to read "Statler Falls Hotel", but two signs for the Red Coach Inn were left intact (one to the left of the awning and another in front of it).
  • In the boat scene by Niagara Falls, you can see Jim wearing his full tie although he had cut the lower portion of his tie off in a previous scene when he was consoling Pam as she had torn her veil.
  • When Jim cuts his tie, a lower part of his tie has already been cut, presumably from a previous take. 
  • A gray and orange LA METRO city bus drives past the open church door, even though the wedding is set in Niagara Falls.
  • Since Jim and Pam got married on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls they would have been required to have passports to enter the Canadian border.

Amusing details

  • Michael reveals that he spent the whole morning tying old soda cans to and marking the back of his car. As Pam tries to tell Michael that it's supposed to be tied to the car of the couple getting married, Jim shakes his head to prompt her to just tell Michael it looks great.
  • The entire staff except Michael and Angela laugh at Andy's "what happens in Niagara stays in Niagara" joke.
  • Dwight looks at Angela when he says, "What happens in accounting stays in accounting," which Angela shyly smiles at.
  • Michael implies that he has fallen asleep at the wheel while wearing his sunglasses, to Dwight's horror.
  • Erin continues to shout "What else you got?" after Andy falls to the ground in pain, before being stopped by Oscar.
  • Kevin says, "Don't worry, Pam's here," to Kevin before knocking on Pam's door in the same way a child says to another before finding a teacher or parent.
  • Jim went out drinking with Michael and Dwight.
  • Since Andy had to spend the night on the floor of Pam's room, it means that the honeymoon suite was unoccupied. Jim and Pam were previously disturbed by Andy's claim that he would "break in" the bed in the honeymoon suite.
  • Michael and Dwight think that Jim and Pam are automatically married at midnight, believing that their wedding passes the same way a birthday would in their drunken state.
  • Dwight tells Isabel that he isn't hungry in an effort to decline breakfast with her, but he admits to Michael that he is ravenous.
  • Meemaw is seen at the church, indicating Michael's attempts at getting her to stay were successful.
  • Penny offends Oscar when she mistakes Kevin for Gil. Oscar and Gil had been broken up for over two years.
  • While everyone throws up in the office, Creed calmly eats noodles.
  • It is revealed that Michael usually carries a whoopee cushion with him.
  • Jim's dad wore a kilt, marking the second person to have Scottish roots. Michael said he was Scottish and 2/15 Native American in "Diversity Day".
  • On a sign to the reception dinner, it says "Halpret" instead of "Halpert" (see List of Signs). The same error is made on the daily events sign in the hotel lobby. It is a running joke throughout the show that their names are misspelled/mispronounced. Pam's last name is spelled multiple ways and the correct one isn't obvious, and in "Christening" the minister announces them as the "Halberts".
  • When Michael stands up to make his "comedic" toast and goes on to talk about Smart cars, he talks with his eyes closed the majority of the time.
  • Kevin wonders if he has time to go to the bathroom before Jim and Pam arrive at the church. He says while he can pee swiftly, putting his tie on will take time, implying he may fully undress when urinating.


  • Robert Pine (Mr. Halpert) is the father of Chris Pine, who starred as James T. Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek film.
  • This is the second wedding in the series; the first being Phyllis and Bob Vance's.
  • Even though Kevin explicitly calls his makeshift shoes "Kleenex shoes," the "Kleenex" branding on the boxes has been changed to a generic tissue label, likely to avoid product placement and/or copyright issues.
  • In the original JK Wedding Entrance Dance it is only the wedding party that enter the church via dance, with the groomsmen and bridesmaids moving down the aisle twice and the bride and groom once. In The Office version, the bride and groom do not participate, and the dancers compromise of the wedding party (bar one of Pam's bridesmaids), Pam's mother, the wives of Jim's brothers, the Dunder Mifflin Scranton staff and the plus ones of Stanley and Phyllis.
  • Entrance order (as shown): Isabel & unnamed groomsman; Penny & flower girl; Michael; Pete, Tom and their spouses; Phyllis and Bob; Andy & Erin; Kelly & Ryan; Stanley & Cynthia; Michael & Helene; Kevin & Oscar; Angela; Creed; Dwight & Isabel; group entrance.
  • Michael and Isabel are the only people to dance twice prior to the group entrance. Meredith is only shown in the group entrance, while Toby does not appear to dance at all.
  • John Krasinski had the flu during the shooting of the wedding scene on the boat. He kissed Jenna Fischer on the cheek so as not to get her sick.[1]
  • Kevin says that he got six phone numbers, and "one more would have been a complete telephone number." Local telephone numbers in the United States are seven digits long. (Although in practice, Kevin would have needed ten digits, since the people at the wedding are not all from the Niagara area, so he wouldn't know which area code to use.)

Behind the scenes

  • Mindy Kaling explained that she writes less romance-y stuff than show-runner Greg Daniels.[2]
  • The flower girl is played by Greg Daniels' daughter Charlotte.
  • Mindy Kaling likes to write Dwight as being able to attract women. In "Night Out" (another Kaling-written episode), Dwight makes out with a tall women's basketball player but later leaves her to her dismay.[3] Similarly, Rhee in "Blood Drive" was notably attracted to him.
  • The hotel exteriors were shot at the Red Coach Inn in Niagara Falls, New York. The hotel interiors were shot at the Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel in Los Angeles. The hotel lobby scenes were shot in the hotel's auxiliary lobby. The rehearsal dinner was shot at The Smokehouse in Burbank. In the show, the hotel's name is the Statler Falls Hotel.
  • The church scenes were filmed at Congregational Church of the Chimes, 14115 W Magnolia Blvd, Sherman Oaks.
  • Relatives of crew members were enlisted as extras for the Maid of the Mist scenes. In particular, the couple directly behind Pam and Jim in the ticket line are Brian Baumgartner's parents, who happened to be in the area on vacation.
  • Many of the tourists on the Maid of the Mist were real tourists. The Maid of the Mist management did not want to shut down the entire boat for filming.[4] The production crew had exclusive access only to the bow of the boat. Anybody else who happened to be on the boat got to watch the scene being filmed
  • The original script called for Roy to crash the wedding by riding in on a horse in a grand romantic gesture to win back Pam.[5] After being rejected, Roy abandons the horse and drives home. Earlier in the episode, Dwight was fascinated by a historical display at the hotel that talked about animals that had survived going over Niagara Falls. Dwight takes the horse into the river upstream from Niagara Falls, but panics and jumps off the horse at the last moment, leaving the horse to go over the falls.[6]
  • At the table read, everybody objected to the horse scene, but Greg Daniels insisted it would be really funny before finally backing down.[6]
  • The horse plot was scrapped at the last moment, forcing the writers to scramble to come up with something else to happen during the wedding ceremony. They had only a half hour to shoot the dance scene.[5][6]
  • Jenna Fischer was moved to tears when she saw the first rehearsal of the dance scene.[6]
  • This episode was choreographed by Mary Ann Kellogg. She previously choreographed the disco part in "Café Disco".[7]

Cultural references

  • Niagara Falls is the self-proclaimed "Honeymoon capital of the world," a popular destination for honeymoons and often weddings. On the Canadian side, couples can pick up a complimentary honeymoon certificate from the Ontario Tourism Information Centre.
  • Michael decorates his car with a sign saying "Going to a Wedding". It is traditional to decorate the bride and groom's car for after the ceremony. Furthermore, the cans trailing from a car would typically be empty, while Michael's are full and burst as he drives away.
  • Andy says, "What happens in Niagara, stays in Niagara." "What happens here, stays here" (commonly misquoted as "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas") was the highly successful tourism slogan for Las Vegas by R&R Partners from 2002 to 2020. Ed Helms also starred in The Hangover, released the same year, where the phrase is used repeatedly.
  • Michael calls Niagara Falls "Viagra Falls", a pun on the popular erectile dysfunction drug.
  • Michael compares himself to Mary, who was denied a room at the inn on the evening she gave birth to Jesus, the central figure in the Christian religion.
  • Michael asks to give his toast third, "sorta bat cleanup." The cleanup hitter in baseball is the team's strongest hitter. However, the cleanup hitter bats fourth, not third, as Michael believes.
  • Pete and Tom plan to give Jim a noogie, consisting of rubbing one's knuckles hard on the head of the victim. It is a typical way an older brother would harass a younger brother.
  • Michael jokes about the Smart Car, a small two-passenger car.
  • KITT is the fictional computer-controlled car from the U.S. television series Knight Rider.
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a children's movie, as well as the name of the car in the movie which has several magical powers.
  • Jim tells of how he contrived to spend time with Pam by pretending that he was unable to drive a stick and requesting lessons from her. This refers to driving a car with a manual transmission, commonly known as a "stick shift". In the United States, cars with manual transmissions are relatively uncommon.
  • Sylvia was watching Brüno, a mockumentary comedy film about a gay Austrian fashion journalist.
  • Charlie Rose is a television journalist and host of a long-running television series in which he interviews a wide variety of notable people.
  • Andy predicts that Chicks are gonna be off the hook, meaning "Women are going to be crazy and outrageous."
  • And promises there will be guys as attractive as Calvin Klein models. Calvin Klein is a line of clothing, and Andy is most likely referring to the attractive models used to model underwear.
  • Dwight wears the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt, made famous by humorous reviews on Amazon, before going out to the hotel bar with Michael to pick up women, commenting on its "powerful forces of attraction" on them. He also comments they are howling at the moon "to imitate howling during sex".
  • Dwight lists various companies that are (and aren't) interested in his Burger on the Go invention. George Foreman has a line of portable grills (see "The Injury"), Sharper Image is a retail store that sells primarily electronic gadgets. SkyMall sells high-end products through catalogs on airplanes. Hammacher Schlemmer is a catalog company that is known for its high-end products. Sears is a department store chain that targets middle-class customers.
  • The dance down the church aisle to Chris Brown's "Forever" is a "remake" of the popular 2009 YouTube viral video, "JK Wedding Entrance Dance", in which a young couple (JK standing for "Jill and Kevin") dance down the aisle to the song along with their wedding party. Pam mentions that the song was specifically put on a "Do Not Play List", but was choreographed by the wedding guests and office workers regardless.


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