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"New Leads" is the twentieth episode of the sixth season and the 120th episode overall.It was written and directed by Brent Forrester who wrote, "Mafia," "Blood Drive," and "Business School." It aired on March 18, 2010. It was viewed by 7.63 million people.


In the cold open Michael calls Jim into his office and shows him photos of allegedly Johnny Depp at his condo. Jim messes with Michael before bluntly telling him that there is no way it is Johnny Depp. After a short argument Michael relents after stating that the name on the mail box was "M. Shulman." Jim, who is on his way out, pauses and asks, "M. Nite Shulman?", to which a shocked Michael has no reply. 

Michael holds a meeting but Stanley and Dwight interrupt Michael demanding if there are any sales topics or any news on the $50,000 leads that Sabre bought them. Michael states there are no leads and the disappointed salesmen rudely leave the meeting despite Michael trying to call them back in. Dwight especially is rude to Michael after Michael asks him for his undivided attention, to which Dwight responds coldly, "You couldn't handle my undivided attention." Michael explains that Sabre's policy of "Sales is King" means that the company emphasizes the importance of the sales staff and tasks the rest of the office to merely support them. The salesmen are letting the policy get to their head and begin acting rude, condescending and cold to their fellow coworkers. 

Jim tries to find the new leads.

Dwight comes into Michael's office, and asks Michael patronizingly about news on the leads, however he doesn't have any. Jim texts someone and ignores Michael while he tries to talk to him and tries to literally force his hand to sign his commission check. Phyllis treats Angela badly by refusing to anwer her emails or walk to Angela's desk, claiming she is too busy. Andy rudely demands a pencil from Darryl during a sale and wrestles him for it when Darryl refuses. Daryl confronts Michael about the sales-staff's new behavior and urges him to put them in their place.

Dwight tries to find the leads.

 Michael finally gets the leads from Sabre but doesn't hand them out after Phyllis obnoxiously demands them (telling Michael to "hand them over numbnuts.") and berates the sales-staff on their poor behavior, earning their animosity but winning the respect of the rest of the office. Michael is later ordered by Gabe to hand out the leads and Michael agrees but hands them out to the non-sales staff. Jim condescendingly confronts Michael in his office and states no one will go along with Michael's plan and that he should just give up the leads. Michael instead gives Jim a list of clues to find the leads, which are hidden all over the industrial park. 

Phyllis asks Angela for her share of the leads and Angela agrees she will give them to Phyllis once Phyllis fills out a stack of paperwork (that Angela plans to shred afterwards in front of her.) Stanley wins leads from Ryan and Kelly by agreeing to both their arguments in a relationship debate.  Jim decides to call Pam and tells her about the situation at Dunder Mifflin and Pam helps him easily solve a few clues. 

Erin hides her share of the leads, and plays the warmer-colder game with Andy. However, she begins to lead him to her breasts, and Andy becomes awkward until she tells him that she was leading him to underneath her keyboard. Dwight returns from his sales call and finds Jim solving clues in the parking lot and is informed that the leads are in. Dwight demands his share of the leads, and Michael tells him, "If you want to find your leads, look for the man who never breeds." Dwight immediately identifies Kevin, who attempts to humiliate Dwight but only results in getting strangled. After a few seconds of being choked by Dwight Kevin tells him that the leads are in the trash, but Erin already threw it away. Dwight heads to the dumpster, to find nothing there. Michael realizes that its Friday and runs out onto the street where a garbage truck can be seen driving away. 

Michael asks everyone to go to the dump with him to find the leads, but no one but Dwight will, but only because Dwight feels Michael would screw it up on his own. Michael confronts Dwight about how Dwight no longer shows him respect and Dwight states that he believes he made a mistake by accepting Michael's job offer when he could have accepted a number of others. He adds that he believes that he should have been promoted and would have been if he had taken another job, but because of Michael he is still just a salesman, stating: "I hitched my wagon to a horse with no legs." This results in a short trash fight, which ends when Michael accidentally dumps a sink of garbage water onto himself. The two, exhausted, rest on a bathtub and resume their friendship after a short conversation, acknowledging they'll never find the leads. Jim meanwhile convinces the sales-staff to acknowledge their behavior and to give up 2% of their commisions to appease the rest of the office.

Andy and Erin kiss.

Jim, Andy, Phyllis, and Stanley present the non-sales staff with a platter of pastries, but before they can offer them the 2% commission, the non-sales staff accept their apology and the sales-staff decides not to mention the commisions. Michael and Dwight return with a dirty bean bag chair that Dwight exclaims is, "For me and Michael only!", showing they have become friends again.

At the end of the episode, Erin and Andy are at the dump, and Erin gives Andy her coat after he states he is cold. Andy tells her that she is the nicest person he has ever met, and they have their first kiss in the landfill.

Cultural references

  • A lead is a person who has expressed an interest in purchasing a product or service.
  • Johnny Depp is an actor known for roles such as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
  • Cap'n Crunch is a sweetened cereal for children.
  • Jim teases Michael by suggesting that his neighbor's name is M. Night Shulman. M. Night Shyamalan is a filmmaker and screenwriter who grew up and lives in Pennsylvania and films nearly all his movies in that state.
  • Michael says that Jim thought he saw Roger Clemens, a former Major League baseball pitcher for the New York Yankees.
  • Sexting is a form of texting in which people send sexually explicit photos, messages, etc., using electronics.
  • A Conspiracy is a usually an attempt to defraud people of their legal rights, or the overthrowing of a government, in some cases.
  • Michael wants to call Stanley uppity but reconsiders and applies the term to Jim instead. Uppity is a racially-tinged term used during the Civil Rights era to refer disparagingly to blacks who tried to improve their social and economic status.
  • Kelly refers to the Kardashians, from the hit reality television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, about a family, which consists of an ex-wife and her daughters. Kelly is a devoted fan. Khloe and Kim Kardashian are known for dating/marrying African-American men, which is likely why Kelly mentioned the show to Darryl.
  • Baba Ghanoush is an Arab dish made from eggplants, which are mixed and mashed with several spices. It is eaten throughout western Asia, and can be dipped with pita bread.
  • A onesie is a garment designed to be worn by infants, much like pajamas, and have snaps.
  • Kevin refers to Ghost Whisperer, a show about a woman who can see dead people and helps to bring closure to families who have recently seen death in their families.
  • A Falafel is a fried ball or patty derived from chickpeas, and usually served within a pita. It is from Egypt, but is eaten throughout the world.
  • Erin plays the hotter/colder game with Andy. In this children's game, warmer temperatures indicate that the player is closer to the target. (The game was last seen in the episode The Fight.)


  • On the board in the conference room, it said that Phyllis made the most sales. However, Dwight says that he made the most sales, and that he is "King of Kings."

Deleted Scenes

  • Creed asks Andy for $10,000, but Andy declines, and offers something else. Creed asks for Andy's hairpiece and $500, which Andy declines.
  • Phyllis and Stanley agree that in over the 31 years that they worked at Dunder Mifflin, they are happy that salesmen are being taken seriously and that Sabre recognizes that Salesman is King.
  • Andy talks to Erin and asks her for leads. Erin says she doesn't have any.
  • An extended scene/alternate scene of when Andy, Phyllis, Stanley and Jim discuss solutions to the issue. Stanley questions Jim's actions.
  • Dwight and Darryl fight over Sabre's demands about alerting client on freezing rain, which will affect shipping time.


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Amusing Details

  • When Michael is in the conference room, it shows how many sales each salesman made. While Phyllis has the most sales, Jim, Dwight, Andy, and Stanley are also doing well in sales. However, Pam, is once again doing bad in sales, possibly due to her low sales (She had to make cold calls) or also because she is on maternity leave, and only had three days to make sales.
  • In the meeting in the beginning Michael explains the Lost and Found is itself lost and Creed can be seen nervously adjusting glasses clearly made for a woman, indicating he in fact stole the Lost and Found.
  • As receptionist, Pam was always forced to take care of Michael, explaining why she knows everything he means, including his "Mopey Place."

Connections to Previous Episodes

  • Pam also had bad sales numbers in "Koi Pond," when she was forced to make cold calls with Andy, as the people with the two lowest sales in the office had to do them. She also only doubled her sales from 2 to 4 in "Scott's Tots."
  • Phyllis wears purple so much, she was called "Mother Goose," by Sasha Flenderson in "Take Your Daughter to Work Day."
  • Kelly also told Charles Miner that her family was much like the Kardashians, showing that she is a huge fan of their show. She later tries to persuade Ryan to watch it.
  • Phyllis and Andy have apparently stepped up their sales ability as in Employee Transfer Dwight scoffs at Andy for "barely being able to outsell Phyllis".



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